11 July 2022

A New Plan.


So I think what I'm going to have to do from now on is to reply to your comments in the next blog post. 

Comment Reply.

Sandi, I'm glad you can still read my replies here. Thanks. Yeah this has been going on for about four months, very frustrating.

Brenda, hi.

Thanks for the blessing. I seem to be improving each day, thank you Lord.

Today's post.

Wow! 2022 certainly has been an eventful year this far.

I moved into my new home early in January, a month to the day later my daughter finally left the country and that night I had a heart attack. 

It didn't kill me, I prayed all through the event trustinng that the Lord would pull me through and He did.

Because of that event though ,I've developed Oedema, otherwise known as water on the lungs. Very debilitating indeed, brought me to a complete standstill from the moment I woke up in the morning. I'm still in the process of recovering, still very weak but definnitely getting better and better. I think one of the most difficult aspects for me at this time is trying to come to terms with the thought, "Maybe I do still have a future here in this world." I did think I was going to die and had given up on anything that was beyond tommorow.

The whole story will eventually come out, probably through this blog.

Anyway. The world has certainly turned upside down this year, that's for sure. I can't think of one country not embroiled in political turmoil right now. I could have moved to another country earlier in the year but decided I like South Africa, good decision I think. Yes we have rolling blackouts and all that implies, yes we do have crime and all that implies too but hey, we're South African, we'll cope.

Africa has had rather a rough time for the past few hundred years or so but God Himself blesses Africa and we appreciate His blessing. WE ARE AFRICAN AND GOD LOVES US WITH A TENDERNESS BORN OF HIS LOVE. Even me.

Anyway, I can't get spellcheck to work and my keyboard is giving me a bit of a rough time too so, I'm going to call it a night and see what I can get sorted out in the morning, maybe the keyboard issue.

Glad I can at least post.

Blessings all and love from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Geoff, as I know that God can heal you. I have had healings and miracles both in my life through our Lord Jesus, and if it is not your time to go then the Lord will bring you through your difficult trials into a safe place. May God bless you with all He has for us in Jesus - the sacrificial Lamb.