5 January 2022

An Accomplished day I'm not ashamed of.

Today was a good day.Thank you Lord, I love you.

Nothing really spectacular happened but compared to yesterday? I'd say It was quite good.

I missed a post, two so far this year, not really a good start on this "A blog post a day" goal I've set myself for the year but that's okay it should pick up in due course.

Jesus is very good to me and today he gave me an accomplished day I'm not ashamed of. All I did was move stuff to the new home and organise what I'm going to be moving tomorrow, sort of got my head into this new phase of the whole process.

My daughter and her husband will be out of here by the end of January and I have to be out of here in about a week or so to give them time to sort out whatever has to be sorted out.

This whole process started over a year ago and the renovations and alterations have been leading up to this time so things are in the final stages right now. Every step of the process as been accomplished by treating each aspect as a different phase, it's how I cope, if that makes sense. No stress, this is what the Lord has brought about, Bless You Lord. 

I must admit that I had, among a whole lot of other tablets (actually all vitamins), a vitamin B capsule this morning. Vitamin B has a profound effect on me, I become super motivated and pretty much work my arse off the whole day and then cannot for the life of me fall asleep at night leaving the following day a disaster. No motivation at all to get anything done, completely exhausted and having no desire to do anything but sleep. But tonight I had a little red wine, hey come on! South Africa has one of the finest wine making industries in the world, let me indulge now and then, ;) Anyway, hopefully I'll sleep tonight. 

Yesterday I didn't have any vitamin B and I only got one load moved and lost motivation. Don't you hate it when that happens? I had all these things planned and only accomplished one. So sad.

I will try to take some photographs tomorrow but recently I have been rather more focused on moving than taking photos, I'll change that and make a priority of both. 

This post I will update tomorrow evening, wish me luck.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

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  1. Hi Geoff,
    the new home is looking really good, and red wine is good for the stomach.