16 November 2019

God rescued me just like an abandoned kitten.

Wow! It's been ages since I last wrote a post, well maybe not that long, but I've been struggling with my faith so much since I moved to Johannesburg a few years ago. I think, because this city is so politically and economically orientated as opposed to Cape Town, which is a lot more lifestyle orientated, everyone is always talking politics and money. Also, because of this continual natter, natter that goes on all around me all the time I've become very distracted and focused on the wrong things completely. Anyway, it's time for me to pull myself towards myself and get back to writing about my Lord and master. A much better subject in my opinion.

Just over two weeks ago my daughter came home with a kitten she had rescued from one of the factories she is working at after it had been abandoned by it's mother. This poor little bundle of fur was very sick and mommy cat had other kittens to look after so, when this kitten couldn't keep up she was left behind. My daughter and her friend found her and took her to the veterinarian where she was given some shots and fed. She then brought her home and asked me if I could look after her and give her a new home. My answer was immediately, "Of course." She was in a bad way, severely dehydrated as well as starving and covered in flees.
It took a couple of days to come up with a name for her but eventually my daughter said to me, "When I first saw her I thought "Lilly"" and that has become her name. I like it and she responded to being called Lilly almost immediately.
She is much better now and doing very well climbing all over everything and biting my fingers as kittens are wont to do.

Full of beans and very playful.
If this tiny little bundle, who is now only five weeks old, hadn't been picked up in her dire circumstances, she would not have survived for more than a day or two.
Jesus does the same to us when we land up in "Dire" circumstances. Had someone not told me about Jesus when he did I would not have survived for more than a day or two either. The day I was told that God loved me and that Jesus would always love and take care of me I had just tried to commit suicide. That day changed my life and now when I find myself struggling with some issue or other I know without a doubt that I can and should turn to the Lord and everything will come right.
For those who don't believe in God I have come to realize that even though they don't believe in Him, He believes in them. When I tell these unbelievers this it always come as a bit of a shock to them and, God willing, their life and attitude will be changed.
To all who read this, may God and His Holy Son bless you today with a profoundly new insight into life for you. Be blessed in the name of Jesus.
With Love, Geoff.

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  1. Hello Geoff,
    I don't believe that anything is coincidence. God's timing is perfect and I agree with everything you have said about God rescuing us in dire circumstances. Something went wrong on my blog when I accidently touched something that took all of my blogger friends off the sidebar. I have just managed to get it back working and your blog has shown up - yet it was not there previously, even though I am shown as a follower of it on your list. I have always loved cats and we have always got rescue cats. God bless you with all that He has for us in Jesus.Lovely post.