6 May 2019

A to Z 2019 reflections post.

Chickens drinking. Melkbosstrand South Africa.
To everyone who entered this challenge, well done for at least giving it  a try. For everyone who completed the challenge, well done to you, not everyone who signs up has the time or inclination to carry it through, sometimes it's out of our control and time just gets away from us. So well done.
This year I decided to write about the continent on which I have lived my whole life, Africa. There is so much to write about with regards to Africa that it can become a bit daunting so writing about a specific aspect of the whole plethora of subject matter makes sense. I. once again wrote about things not connected to politics, this is after all the twenty first century and we are now very interconnected socially and writing can be dangerous especially if what you are writing about can be taken as offensive or politically motivated.

Welcome to the farm little one.

Things I did to help me get through these 26 posts on time was to start writing in March and scheduling their publication for the relevant dates. This was something I learned many years ago, following advice of one of the challenge administrators, probably Lee from Tossing it out. This meant having enough time during the month of April to visit other participant's posts and replying to comments. It worked very well and by the beginning of April I had already written 75% of the required posts. The other 25% were written during April but by then the stress had abated.
I went with short readable posts but, having read so many other blog posts, I got the impression I should probably have written posts with a bit more detail. Anyway here we are on the final post for this challenge.
Life on my farm. Melkbosstrand South Africa.

Things I noticed was how this challenge seemed to turn into a travel blog, this was not intentional.
My main reason for joining the challenge was to get back into writing, it seems to have worked but the way I used to write still has to come back. In other words, writing about my life and my walk with Jesus and what has happened since I first started believing. So from Now on, this year, I'll go back to the way I used to write, much better.
The amount of research I had to do for this challenge was quite excessive, and from now on the research will come from my own stories with a lot less internet research.
My advice to writers, start writing blog posts as early as possible and schedule their publication. Add pictures to your story where relevant and try to keep the post relatively short, make it easy for your visitors. Don't be offensive and remember that your readers come from a completely different culture, so be sensitive.
Bed time for the roost. Melkbosstrand South Africa.

Anyway. I would like to thank the challenge administrators for their efforts and to also thank everyone who visited my blog, whether they left comments or not.
Blessings in the name of Jesus, from Geoff in Africa.

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