30 January 2019

Wooden Bow Ties.

Wooden Bow Ties.

In an age when the younger generation of men are dressing better than their fathers,

what makes one stand out at a business function and gets one remembered?

The here are a number of things that get any person present to notice someone but not everything is worth remembering nor is everyone. During the course of my investigations, on-line, one thing that I’ve noticed is that men who wear bow ties seem to be remembered longer and with a certain degree of respect and fondness. I think it has something to do with drawing the attention of the spectator to the facial area of the wearer.

I’m not a “Bow Tie” person. I’m used to wearing a neck tie to business meetings and do dress as smartly as possible but that stupid thing tied around my neck gets me into all sorts of trouble like getting food dribbled on it by accident or hanging very close to the document shredder. The other day I came across an article about what impact bow ties have on people wearing them and the impression other people in the room are left with.
A few weeks ago I made some wooden bow ties for my son’s 40th birthday present. This is something I had never seen before but had heard about somehow or other. I still, to this day, have never seen anyone actually wearing one nor have I seen any of them that I myself had not made. I went on-line and Googled “Wooden Bow Ties” and was amazed.
There are millions of people interested in these rather unique accessories and there are also a myriad of articles about people who have worn bow ties throughout history, people such as Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla. Articles about the type of person who goes to a function wearing a bow tie and the results of their choice of attire and so on. There were also articles on “Hipster” attire which also mentioned the use of bow ties.
It seems that the youngsters of today are dressing much more in keeping with the way their grandfathers or their great grandfathers dressed. Looking at images, posted on-line, I get the impression that thick black rimmed glasses are very much in vogue with the hipster generation, suspenders are also something that they wear as well as button up shirts and bow ties. Very much like the way I remember my grandfather, he wore suspenders, thick black rimmed glasses and bow ties, not wooden ones of course, they are a very recent development.
Now wooden bow ties cannot be bought from the big branded stores like “Mr Price” in South Africa or “Target” in other countries so having a wooden bow tie says “I’m not a conventional dresser and am not interested in branded clothing. I like the unusual more and I’m an unusual type of person. Way more interesting and well worth getting to know.” Because wooden bow ties are so unexpected and unusual they tend to draw the attention of other people in the room and in so doing draw others into conversation with the wearer. They also seem to fascinate and spark conversations all around the room. A great conversation starter. Wooden bow ties can be bought on-line and this gives the impression you are up to date and definitely one of the twenty first century up and coming men.

Come on. Slash out and become the young virile man you wish to be, buy a wooden bow tie and wear it to the next business meeting you attend and see what happens. They're not expensive but they will impact you in ways you have't even dreamed of yet.
Good luck, Geoff.

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