8 January 2019

A positive attitude for 2019.

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Not really my dogs but funny how we all relate.

A couple of days ago, about a week or so, I was sitting at my computer feeling very down and wondering what on Earth the new year was going to deliver up. I have found myself becoming more and more negative and hopeless over the past couple of years. There are of course a few reasons for this but, not realizing why, I couldn't break out of this depressing state of mind.
While sitting there looking around at my home my eyes fell on my book shelf. I casually scanned through the titles and then my eyes fell on the title of a book I've had in my possession for about fifty odd years, maybe not quite that long but certainly a very long time. It's a book I've treasured very much, even though I've not read it for ages, but have always made sure it traveled with me whenever I've moved home, which is quite often.

The Amazing results of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

I looked at it and thought to myself, "Maybe I should give it another read, I really need to get out of this emotionally negative hole I'm in, it may well help."
I took it from the book shelf and opened it to the beginning and this is how chapter one begins.
"Does positive thinking always work? Yes.
I started reading and, to tell the truth, I now remember just why I treasured this book so much.
I must tell you that my state of mind at this time sort of held me back from being enthusiastic about really believing it was going to work. Well it has worked amazingly.
I normally get up early in the morning, switch my computer on and open either BBC News or CNN, or some other mainstream news network and only after I've become totally horrified by what is happening in the world go on to open my mail or blog. 
One of the first things that Mr Peale says is to empty your mind of all negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Give your mind a thorough shampoo and rinse and thereby clean up your thinking by washing away the negativity. 
For a long time now I've thought that the mainstream media are the cause of all the trouble in the political arena all around the world. I've considered the reporting to be biased and agenda driven. All you have to do is look at the reporting on the election of President Donald Trump to see what I mean. Quite frankly I don't care who the President of the United States of America is, I live in Africa. Another thing is, you can open BBC or CNN or ABC or even the South African reporting of world affairs and they all report on the same thing and their stories are all the same. Very uninformative and boring. 
So in an effort to counter this incredible negativity I started looking for Good News websites  and have found some truly inspiring sites with very uplifting stories 
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about real non-political people from all over the world and their stories. I must admit I prefer them to mainstream news outlets.
Another thing that I started doing was looking over my previous blog post and have noticed a slow dropping of of uplifting stories in my own writing over the years. This is good, that I've noticed it that is, and it has inspired me to change how I write and what I write about. I'm very glad about this.

I've added two  links above and whether or not you want to get good news they are really worth visiting. I must warn you though, they could bring an unexpected lump to your throat.
Has getting rid of negativity, as far as possible, made any difference in my circumstances so far?
Yes of course it has. I'm still in the same old boat that I've been in for so long but at least now I'm not getting depressed or miserable about it anymore. I'm sleeping better, I'm more enthusiastic about the day and when I go to bed at night and talk to the Lord I find myself saying with all honesty, "I love you Lord and not because I feel guilty or want something, but because I really do love You."
The books by Norman Vincent Peale are really worth reading no matter what state your thoughts are in. The two links (in yellow colour) are also really worth visiting. I highly recommend checking out the books and the Good News Sites.
Blessings for 2019 from Geoff in South Africa.

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  1. Isn't that neat how the very thing you needed at that moment in time was sitting there on your bookshelf. :-) The power of positive thinking is profound.

    Cheers - Ellen