Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Have you ever noticed that when you pray for something there is a good possibility you won't hear anything from the Lord while you are waiting for whatever it is you prayed for? Well I was watching a movie the other day, "God isn't dead 2," and there was something that was said that really impacted me. "As a teacher you should know that while the test is in progress the teacher doesn't say anything."
There is a scripture where Jesus says to his disciples "Don't call any man teacher, you have one teacher, the Messiah." Man  alive, that explains such a lot especially for me who seems to get tested so very often. There are times when I've prayed for something and then become rather despondent waiting and waiting for the Lord to answer me. Now I know why, I'm undergoing testing of my faith.
There is another verse where the Lord tells us to walk with minds awake ready to respond as soon as the Son of man comes and to not be caught sleeping. So now when I pray for something I've learned to wait expectantly and not to become despondent, how cool is that.
Blessings to everyone, be patient and know that the teacher is watching while you are tested, Geoff.

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