12 June 2018

Apology to Kaley Cuoco.

Hi. This post is an apology to one of my favorite actresses, Kaley Cuoco. Another who I really admire would be Sandra Bullock but up until now I have no reason to apologize to her.
In January this year I was with my son James in Cape Town at a supermarket and when we got to the till there was a woman in front of us at the cashier who looked just like Penny from the Big Bang Theory series. Me and my big mouth turned to her and said, "Wow! did you know you look just like Penny." She looked at me and asked, "Who's Penny?" Dumbfounded my reply was, of course, "Penny from the Big Bang Theory." "Yeah, I get that a lot." Was her reply.
Well that really threw me and for the rest of the time we were there I just stood there with a mouth full of teeth not saying anything, which for me is very unusual. When I got back home I looked up Penny on Google and found out the actresses name is Kaley Cuoco,
So to Kaley cuoco, otherwise known to me as Penny from the Big Bang Theory, I would like to apologize for not knowing your name but only the character name you play in my favorite series.

I'm Sorry.

If that was you in Cape Town in January I would like to say that although you took me by complete surprise with your rather unexpected reply it was still a pleasure to meet you. And if it wasn't you, then you have a doppelganger who was there in the beginning of this year who looks just like you.
I've worked in the film industry in Cape Town for many years and met some very well known actors and actresses but when I watch a movie I don't normally take note of the names of the artists in the movie but let myself enjoy the movie instead. That might not make sense to most but since I have such a terrible memory what is the point of trying to remember everyone's name?
Anyway, The Big Bang Theory is by far my favorite t.v. series and my go to chill viewing program even though there are certain things that get up my nose, like their attitude towards Christianity and belief in God, but I can forgive them for that.

Oh, just to let you know, as a fan of the series the character you portray is by far the most sensible and beautiful. You also don't seem to have a surname in the whole series?
Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't know your real name. I do now, Geoff.

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