9 February 2018

Last night, after struggling with my car all day (more of which I’ll write about a bit later) and finally having success and getting it running properly, I sat down to thank the Lord for His help and to read what He had to say to me today. I opened my Bible to 2 Kings 4 and started reading from verse 2 where one of the prophets with whom Elisha was acquainted had died and now the banks were on his widows case trying to claim her home and kick her and her sons out onto the street. (Paraphrased).So this widow came to Elisha to ask for his help and he does just that in a miraculous way. ( Read it, I'm sure you will enjoy this particular scripture.) Anyway I carried on reading to the end of the page, which is what I normally do, and came across the scripture where Elisha cures Naaman, commander of the king of Syria’s army, by telling him to dip himself in the Jordan seven times and thus be clean. He had leprosy which is a disease of the skin as far as I know.
Naaman of course was miffed because Elisha had only told him to dip himself in the Jordan 7 times instead of some complicated and difficult process, why not dip himself in one of the rivers in Syria. Would that not have worked just as well?  But his servants came to him and asked whether or not he would have done anything difficult Elisha had instructed him to do. “Of course I would have.”” Then why not do as the prophet has instructed you?”
He submits to their advice and goes ahead and does what he was told to do and emerged from the water with skin healed and as soft as a babies. He then pledges allegiance to the lord and goes his way healed.
Having recently written about the baptism of Joshua in the Jordan crossing and how Jesus had been baptized by John in the very same river this scripture jumped out at me in a big way. (2 Kings Chapter 5)
I’m not sure whether this was the first baptism, it was certainly after the Israelites had crossed the Jordan, which was in full flood at the time, but as far as I can tell it was the first dipping that was not a crossing. If you know of any earlier baptisms please leave a comment and let me know.
This subject I’m finding very interesting and enlightening indeed.
This is just Geoff putting his thoughts out there for your commentary and enlightenment, should you want it. I know that when I talk to people they do listen but I also know that God doesn’t want me leading other people astray so maybe that was why He gave me this scripture last night, very likely in my opinion.
So baptism isn’t only about courage and doing God’s bidding but also about cleaning up your life and leaving diseases that have accumulated in your past behind by washing them off with water.
Blessings and love from Geoff. 


  1. What is it about people that they want to work God's directions into a way that is more convenient or desired??

  2. Isn't that the truth. Lord tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it without question. Well when I remember that is. Ha, ha, ha.