Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New year's greetings for twenty eighteen.

Making box frames at home
As promised in my last post here are a few pictures of what I was making for family and friends for Christmas. They aren't finished, well not all of them, because I became extremely busy with the big one just two weeks before I left for Cape Town. With these particular box frames I hit a snag which slowed me down considerably. When I had made the frames and they were ready for gluing, I used a waterproof wood glue and made them in two parts, like two right angles. In order to keep the angles straight and correctly lined up I put the glasses in and taped them together to dry overnight and that's where the problem began.
Each frame had to be masked inside and out.

The next morning the glasses had become stuck and so I couldn't paint them before fitting the glass, RATS. What this meant was I had to mask each piece of glass inside and out before I could start painting. There are eight frames in total so all this masking took a long time, which I was running out of by the end of the masking phase.
Anyway to cut a long story short I eventually got all the frames painted to my satisfaction but had run out of time to finish the backs and to install whatever was going in each frame for whichever person it was intended.
I did get one finished for my brother Myles and hurriedly wrapped it before rushing off to the airport. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that one but will take pictures of the other completed ones, which will only be completed in the middle of January when I get back.
The morning after, RATS, stuck glass

What really took most of my time up was making a children's play house for Jason's two little girls.
Jason helped me hugely in the last week or so but I was only given two weeks to finish it before leaving and by the time we finished work each day I was exhausted and had no interest in working afterwards. We worked until about seven each day and even Jason was worn out. 
The frame on the right had been masked and painted the way I wanted.

What happened was I got some old pallets from Myles' factory, these had to be stripped and denailed before we could use any of the planking and they then had to be cut to the required length and width. I've taken photographs of the progress made at the end of each day. 
If you scroll through the pictures really quickly you can go through two weeks work and see the progress.
Setting up the floor, level and in the correct place.

After the pallets were cut to the correct size and going up.

More framing and yet to place the veranda.

veranda in place.

Cladding happening.

Balustrade under construction cladding almost complete.

Windows fitted, sans glass. Door hung and cut to create a stable door, and balustrade in Step in and painting happening.
My wish, or should I rather say prayer for all of you this 2018 is: May you have a blessed year. May you find courage in Christ and may this year not be an odd one but may everything instead even out just like the year number has, Geoff.
Imogen serving dad's breakfast from her new play house.


  1. What a great job!!! and very thoughtful as well as big enough to serve for many years to come.

  2. Lovely Construction!
    I have been going through your blog, through a websearch, and found specifically, your dome construction to be amazing! I keep trying to find the fence post caps, without any luck. Anyway you can forward me to an outlet that sells them online? Or I could buy some direct, pre-drilled, from you perhaps?

  3. I love all of the work you do! I was directed to your blog after a web search on how to do affordable dome work- I was wondering if you could direct me to an outlet online which I could purchase those fence post caps perhaps? I have had no luck finding them myself. Or, if it is possible, I could buy pre-drilled caps from you? Blessings! Amanda

  4. Thank you Crystal Mary. Here's to a year where I'm hoping you will improve health wise. Blessings and love from Geoff.

  5. Hi Ahpagniello.
    Yoy could possibly get the fence post tops from your local steel supplier. I know that is where mine came from, in Johannesburg I think they came from Edenvale Steel.
    Give them a try, they may be able to advise you.
    Blessings to you, Geoff.

  6. Hi Amanda.
    Wow I could start a business doing fence post caps pre-drilled for geodesic dome builders. Let me see what I can come up with today and I'll get back to you.
    Lots of love and blessings, Geoff.

  7. For those of you who are looking for fence post tops, they are readily available here in South Africa. If you need, and can't get them in your country, I can get and can courier them to you if you like, Geoff.

  8. Actually happy new year greetings most important and creative thing for us.
    Thanks for write.