8 December 2017

Could space be a superconductor?

One day looking up. Aircraft contrail.

Well I haven't received any feedback in the comment section with regards to my hypothesis yet but I have done a bit of research on my own. What I've found out is that some experimentation has been done, especially in China, with different size magnets and different Gauss values, magnetic strengths. What they have found is that different strengths cause the levitation of the magnetic particles to vary with higher Gauss values causing the magnets to levitate further from the superconducting material.
I also tried to find out whether space itself could possibly be a superconductor. I haven't yet found definitive answers. One physicist was saying that the temperature within a star system was too high for superconducting to take place. I'm still not convinced because the star system itself would be withing the levitation distance from the galactic superconductive center.
I'm going to have to do some more research and thinking on this subject. It's quite hard to find information on the possibility of space being one huge superconductor but I'll keep on looking into it.
Anyway, for now I'll wish you all a fantastic weekend, I'm off to get some breakfast and to talk to the Lord about other things I'm dealing with.
Blessing to you all, Geoff.

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