20 September 2017

I'm still alive, no credit to me though.

Wow, it's been ages since I last wrote a blog post, there are reasons for that of course and I'll try to enlighten you as to some of them, but for the moment I'll attempt to keep writing regularly. Money is once again, or should I rather say lack thereof, playing havoc in my life. Fortunately I have God looking after me, sometimes to such an extent that I don't know what to say.
I'll give you a recent example to clarify what I mean by that. 
A little while ago my food situation became rather dire to say the least, I was eating the last little bit of a quarter of a cabbage I had in the fridge. I had nothing else edible in the house, not even a jar of jam, nothing. But there is a scripture in the bible where Jesus tells his disciples that they won't go hungry, actually there are lots and lots of them throughout the new testament as well as the old testament. Anyway there are also so many scriptures where we are told to have faith and not to stress about the things that we need because God knows about them and will provide for us. I of all people should know this, it's the story of my life. God the Father and his son Jesus have taken care of me and my needs for years now so surely I'm the one who should have unquestioning faith? But somehow, when I do find myself in situations like the one I have just described, I have to dig deep and cling to what little faith I have again and again.

Well I had been praying to the Lord and just reminding him of things He had said in His word, reminding Him I am one of his children and that He had said I wouldn't go hungry. I was sitting in my lounge reading my Bible and came across a scripture where the Lord was saying to one of his prophets, "See I am doing a new thing. Can you not perceive it?" I thought about it and took note of what had been written and carried on reading, with that particular scripture playing around in the back of my mind. That very evening my daughter arrived at home with bags and bags of groceries for me and that's when everything started improving. I started getting work, my petrol situation changed and for some reason people who had been treating me like an outcast started talking to me as if they really did respect me. God is fantastic and really does fulfill his promises but there is a catch. The adversary is not at all happy about our relying on God and putting our faith in His Son. As a true believer Jesus warns us about the testing that we will have to endure but at the same time he does tell us to just carry on trusting him and his word and surely he will come to our aid, even to the very gates of hell to rescue us. This is something you can absolutely depend on. To put it in the words of President Trump, "You can take that to the bank."
Things are going well for me here in Johannesburg. There are things that I miss like my friends and the farm but on the whole I'm doing all right.   
Anyway that's enough for today. Blessings to all who read this blog post and may you find faith in the Lord Jesus, he does indeed love you way more than you realize, Geoff.

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