Saturday, December 31, 2016

The last few hours of 2016.

The happy couple

Hi. It's 12hoo on new years eve and time for me to make a few adjustments to my life. Only twelve hours left in 2016, a very tough year for many people all over the world let alone myself.
2017 Starts off with a wedding for my family, my daughter Shelley is getting married for the first time to her fiance' Jason, both of them being in their mid thirties. Wedding preparations have been going on for months and the stress levels are pretty high at this time but it's only for another five days and then they go on honeymoon till near the end of January. I have of course need to give my only daughter away and make a speech but that's okay, not much stress there. Anyway, moving on.
Ever since I started coming to Johannesburg to work, a long long time ago, I've been losing contact with the Lord. I think it has something to do with working long hours and not spending enough time with the Lord, talking to him, reading my Bible and just spending time in Prayer. Johannesburg, in my opinion, isn't a nice place and I've spent most of the time I've spent here wanting to get away from it. I've found that when I don't spend enough time with God and all my time working I start to wander off in the wrong direction and my faith takes a bad knock. That I intend to correct in the new year, with God's help of course. I intend to read my Bible every day, not difficult at all, I'll talk to the Lord a whole lot more often and each morning and each evening I'll pray to Him for guidance and to lay my requests at his feet. And of course changing my habits so as to be able to approach him with no guilt is a priority. Please help me with this Lord, I really do want to get back to where I should be.
As far as work is concerned; well I need to work again now that I'm unemployed, again. I did start 2016 pretty well working as a workshop manager, something I'm rather good at, but after eight months it started getting a bit unpleasant and I resigned. Anyway, I don't want to winge so I won't go into the details of what happened, let's just say I'm unemployed again. I will be looking for a similar position in the new year. This time of year is very frustrating for me, everything is closed, all the manufacturing companies, all the workshops and so on.
That's enough for what I want to do in the new year so let me finish off with this wish for all of you; May the good Lord bless you next year and may you accomplish far more than you did this year. May next year also bring a little more peace and stability in 2017 and may the mainstream media finally realize that they should report on world affairs far more honestly than they did this year.
Bless you all, Geoff.

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