10 November 2016

American Election, Floods and just getting back on track.

What is left of the Democratic party campaign. Source.
Thank God the United States Of America election is finally over. You've cast your vote and there's no going back now. Hearing about their election all day on every news broadcast has been unbelievably boring. The mud slinging and derogatory rhetoric from both candidates has, in my opinion, been apalling.  The U S A is only a small country even though they have the most advanced weaponry and the biggest economy in the world. Small you say? Well yes, almost the whole of the U S A can fit into the Sahara desert which is only a small part of Africa, let alone the whole world. The landmass of the planet Earth is 510.072 million square kilometers, the U S A  has a land mass of only 9.629091 million square kilometers while the Sahara desert is 9.2 million square kilometers, but the impact of this election is being felt worldwide. Asian markets are plunging, the Dollar is also falling and stock markets all over the world are opening significantly lower. You thought Brexit had a bad effect on world markets, well this will be even bigger. Now all we are going to hear on the news will be about the world economy collapse, as if it hasn't already taken a major dive. It will probably be way less damaging than predicted, look what happened to the United kingdom and all the dooms day prophets, not much damage.
What has surprised me isn't the headway Mr Trump has made but the huge number of people wanting to immigrate to Canada to the point where Canada's immigration website has crashed. That came as a real surprise. Come To South Africa if you wish, you'll be welcome I'm sure. Anyway, enough about the America election, I'm in South Africa and that's where my heart lies.
Very scary place to be, in the water. Source

We had a flash flood yesterday afternoon in the East Rand where I live. Wow! I've never seen such a downpour in all my life. Looking out of the window at home I couldn't see further than a few meters, what a deluge. When I looked out of the kitchen window there was what looked like a river in the back garden, so much water from such a small area. I took a walk into my bedroom to look out of that window and the floor was all wet. Aargh! My home was being flooded. Outside in the laundry room the floor was under about two inches of water and this is where I store all my boxes of papers and such.
Today is cleanup day for me. I've spent way too much time following the elections in the U.S. and it's now time to get on with fixing my own life.
Have mercy oh Lord on the people of America and guide them back to You and Your ways. They really need Your help as do the people of Johannesburg and the east Rand. Thank you Lord for keeping me and my family safe yesterday, Geoff.
So much water falling from the sky.

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