26 October 2016

Mosquito madness.

Inside my home in Johannesburg. My picture.

I must tell you that I used to write a blog post almost every day but since I've moved to Johannesburg and become insanely busy that has dwindled to almost nothing. People here live to work while people in Cape Town work to live, the difference is astounding. Me I prefer to work to live, much better life style. I'm unemployed again, but when I say unemployed, I mean I don't have a boss anymore. I work from home and that's much more sane in my opinion. Anyway, I now have time to go to the supermarket, fix my car, take care of my animals and on top of that I now have time to write again. Thank you Lord.
The summer rains seem to have arrived at last. We've been having severe drought conditions here for a number of months with the dam levels reaching less than thirty percent. Of course water restrictions have been implemented but that does not imply they have been adhered to by everyone, in fact only the responsible home owners who take our environment and the well being of everyone into account tend to stop using water in any way possible. The fact that the rains have arrived hasn't changed anything very much with regard to water restrictions, not nearly enough rain has fallen so far.
Another thing that has arrived are higher temperatures and of course mosquitoes at night. Last night the temperature here in Johannesburg was about thirty degrees centigrade so sleeping under a duvet wasn't an option, just too hot and sweaty. I took the duvet out of the cover and laid back to get some shut eye and hey presto, BZZZZZZZZ.
Now I don't know how many people can get a decent nights sleep with just one mosquito dive bombing them, I cant. I got up and got the fan from the spare bedroom, set it up on the bedside cabinet and laid down to sleep again. This seemed to work but about five in the morning I woke up freezing. It seems that when one is sleeping you generate very little body heat, Having a fan blowing air across my head to chase the mosquitoes away just seemed to drain my body of whatever little heat was left, lesson learned.
This media frenzy about Zika virus being so big a world wide threat is, in my opinion, a load of cod's wallop. In one episode of the Big Bang Theory Bernadette, when asked about something or other, replies," We create a disease and the find a cure, that's how we make money. "Her character plays the role of a microbiology researcher at a pharmaceutical company. This sounds very much like what has happened with regards to the Zika virus scare, and who best to scare than pregnant young women who don't want deformed or different looking children. Zika has been in and around Africa for millennia and the effects only seem to be a slight headache and nothing much else. No Microcephaly. The fact that this scare came just before the Rio Olympics also rings loud bells in my head. Why?
One needs to realize that the whole food chain throughout the world depends on mosquitoes. Every frog, every freshwater fish, every fresh water carnivorous insect in the world depends on mosquito larvae so spraying everything, as they have been doing, is going to kill us all. Stop it!
This post has developed in a direction I was not expecting but it is about something I've been very worried about lately, the killing of the mosquitoes by spraying. You are going to kill us all, stupid people. I was going to write about what is going on all over the world right now but I suppose that's what happens when one sits down to write, you get side tracked, maybe by God as a message to the rest of the world.
I think my next post will have to be about the world state and what is happening. We'll see.
From me to you, May God bless you and keep you safe from whatever supposed threat you are afraid of. Jesus tells us that God loves us. Do you believe him?


  1. I'd rather be busy doing productive things than messing around with blog posts. Of course the blogging would be fine if I were making money at it, but I'm not.

    Thankfully we have very few mosquitoes where I live. I've maybe seen 3 this year if that many. Fortunately those critters apparently don't find me to be very appetizing since when I am around mosquitoes they don't bother me that much.

    You're right about the food chain. God has a plan that works, but leave it to man to try and fix what God made perfect.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. hey, I like the looks of your place in Joburg. Looks Geoff-ish (a good thing).