Monday, May 09, 2016

The A-Z challenge, a reflection post.

This year I once again took part in the April A-Z blog challenge started by Lee at Tossing It Out. There are once again a few observations I made during the month of April. Firstly and most important, write about something you know a lot about. I wrote about all things associated with Space Exploration and discovered I know very little about this area of research. Yes I did learn a huge amount while doing research for my posts but, since I don't have a computer anymore and had to do all my research at work, I spent way too much time on the internet and not enough time taking care of business. Another thing that I noticed was the lack of comments I got and the scarcity page views. I do know the reason for this; you have to visit other blogs in large quantities to get visitors. Since I only have access to the net at work this was impossible for me. I do enjoy writing posts but visiting other blogs is also one of my favorite pastimes, you all seem to write so well and about such interesting subjects and of course there have been many times I've burst out laughing while reading your posts however, it is difficult to find the time during lunch or tea time to get to many of your blogs.
My recommendations with regards to writing 26 posts in a month? Well, next year, If I'm still alive and taking part again I think I'll write about Africa again, I know this place and love it. I'll also try harder to visit more blogs and see what other people are writing about, it's fun. One other thing I will absolutely do is get my computer fixed, well let me rather say I'll get it back from the guy who was supposed to sort it out and send it to a professional.
That's enough about that for now. I'm off to the Animal Anti Cruelty League to volunteer with a couple of the ladies from the office to go and play with the animals and do whatever else we can to help. I'll publish pictures on my next post. For now, blessings and salutations, Geoff.

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  1. I loved your topic this year! I'm not big on comments, so I tend not to worry over them as some people do and I often don't notice that I'm not leaving them when I read something. I have enough trouble responding to my own comments!