Thursday, April 28, 2016

X-ray Telescope

The Chandra X-ray Space Telescope. Image Source
Some times scientists use different types of telescopes to view what is going on in the Universe, there are Radio Telescopes, Optical Telescopes, Gama ray Telescopes and then there is something that sees in x ray vision, the Chandra X-ray Space Telescope. The reason for all these different methods is because not everything can be seen with the naked eye. You can't see electricity but it's there, no doubt about it. You can't see X-rays either but they are also there, that's why you can get pictures of your bone structure without seeing or feeling anything, but there they are.
Yesterday was a public holiday in South Africa and therefore I was not at work nor could I publish a post for the "X" letter in this April Challenge. I did however hear some, in my opinion,stupid person saying that if he can't see something or feel it then he doesn't believe in it. There was a discussion going on about the reality of the existence of God. I thought "How stupid can you get?" Mankind has been around for thousands of years but only discovered the ability to use X-rays about a hundred years or so ago. And once we started using this new found invisible and unfelt energy that has been affecting mankind for millennia we started looking for ways to utilize it. This has taken some of the keenest minds but the results have proven to be spectacular.
Now, getting back to the stupid conversation I mentioned before; Jeremiah 29 verse 13 states, "If you look for me you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart and all your soul I will let you find me." Wouldn't you think that all those people who spend their whole lives searching for ways to explore the universe with energy source detectors that haven't been been utilized before would take just a little time to seek God, the true source of all these energies including the very life force that has allowed them to spend so much time looking at the way the Universe works? Man, some people are so sure of their own brilliance, it really annoys me no end. Anyway enough about stupidity, lets get back to "X."
The Earth's atmosphere is opaque to X-rays so any observatory must first be lifted into orbit beyond the atmosphere. These observatories are there to observe far off objects in a spectrum that isn't visible to other telescopes. How these telescopes work is a bit different to other telescopes in that the light isn't passed through a lens but instead reflected off angled mirrors to a collector. very clever and interesting.
how things work. Image source
I need to get back to work again. We have an exhibition stand going up in Cape Town today and these people are stressing me out big time. I'm not there, I'm still in Johannesburg a thousand miles away and as far as I know everything went down with the truck. Man, this job can be very trying :)
Anyway here's to more time with God and less time stressing. Blessings and love to all, Geoff.

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