Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wind Space craft

the wind spacecraft, image source
I've never even heard of this Spacecraft before but what I've learned about it's mission has fascinated and enthralled me. This spin stabilized spacecraft was launched in 1994 by Nasa and put into an orbital point between the sun and Earth where the gravity of each of the two bodies counteract each other in such a way that the spacecraft can orbit in conjunction with both bodies. This point is called a Lagrangian point. The reason for doing this was so scientists could study the radio and plasma goings on before they reach our magnetosphere.
Very interesting. This little spacecraft is still there doing it's thing and revealing some very interesting characteristics of what is going on ahead of our bow wave, magnetic bow wave that is.
I have known about our magnetospherical bow wave for a long time now but always thought it was relatively uniform with not much interesting going on there, wow, was I wrong.
Just look at all those squiggly waves. Image source
  You have probably seen representations of what this bow wave looks like at some time in you life and how they protect you from the radiation given off by the sun but they didn't look anything like this. The Wind spacecraft has been studying these waves now for more than twenty years and helping scientist to understand how some waves and particles get through this shock wave and how some just get turned around and sent off at huge velocities.
I highly recommend a bit of delving into this tiny crafts accomplishments, there is quite a lot written about this data in scientific journals. It does make fascination reading.
When I got home last night I was chatting to my daughter about writing blog posts about space. I turned to her and said, "What on earth does one write about space starting with the letter "W"? Without batting an eyelid she said Wall-E. I was as surprised as can be, I didn't even think about writing about a movie. I told her that I'd never even seen the movie Wall-E and she replied that we could watch it while having dinner, she has the DVD and so while eating grilled vegetables and chops we watched Wall-E.
Pixar's Wall-E image source
I did enjoy the movie but found it a bit disturbing in some respects, the fat people and the sadness of Wall-e got to me.
I decided not to write about it but instead decided to write about the Wind spacecraft, a lot less disturbing in my opinion and far more fascinating.
God has put this huge unseen bubble around Earth to ensure that we are protected from any disaster that could come from outer space, thank you Lord.
From me to you, blessings and good health, Geoff in South Africa.

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