Monday, April 11, 2016

The International Space Station, I.S.S.

One of the better pictures of the I.S.S. Source
Wow, trying to find a subject for the letter I with regards to my space theme was quite enlightening. Did you know that there are only two moons and no planets in our solar system with names beginning with the letter I. The moons are Io which is very interesting and I'll get to that in a moment, the other is Isonoe which is only a tiny little moon orbiting Jupiter. Not much is known about Isonoe other than it's a retrograde irregular chunk of rock about 3.8 kilometers in size. Other subjects I looked at were "Intergalactic dust clouds" which was interesting but difficult to write about in a short post and then I also looked at the "International Space Station." I decided to go with the one most related to our efforts to explore the universe, the International Space Station.
Yesterday Elon Musk's (Ex- South African) Space X delivered a whole bunch of lettuce seeds, to be propagated in space,some white mice, to test the effectiveness of a drug being developed to counteract the effects of zero gravity on muscle tissue, and an inflatable 12 square meter room to the International Space Station. A couple of seeds, some mice and a big blow up doll, doesn't sound like much but the truth is this little cargo weighed in at over three tons. That's quite a big ball to throw into space when you think about it. Anyway that's enough about Space X, I'm trying to write about the International Space Station.
Just to finish off about my introduction to this post let me at least touch on Io.
Freaky little world. Source
Io isn't the largest moon in the solar system, it is in fact only fourth in size but it is the driest and most geologically active object out there. There are over four hundred active volcanoes on this the densest moon in the whole solar system. Io orbits the largest planet in our solar system Jupiter and as such has to deal with the enormous gravitational pull of this huge world. Now you know a bit about this poor tormented little moon. Here's a link to more interesting stuff about it:
And back to the International Space Station we go.
The International is the size of an American football field including the outfield. It's also the most expensive engineering construction coming in at a little over 100 billion Dollars. It is also the longest permanently inhabited orbiting structure.
There are various laboratories connected to the space station and the space station will be involved in all the human exploration endevours  to the other planets in our solar system.
Truly a remarkable engineering accomplishment. Well done to all involved, you've done exceptionally well.
God's view. Source

I'm inclined to wonder, when looking at the view from the I.S.S. at the world if this is what God sees when looking at his accomplishment or does he see it from further away.
May God bless those who visit the International Space Station and reveal to them just how immense He is and ho insignificant we are as individuals.

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