Monday, April 18, 2016

Nasa. Making space a safer place for Americans

Nasa releases new high-resolution Earthrise image

The post title above was the wording that was on the Nasa website the first time I visited it. I found their catch phrase very offensive. They seem to have removed the phrase since.
In the middle of December Nasa released an image supposedly taken by their Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter. It looks convincing but there are a few things that don't add up like the fact that the moon horizon is absolutely square on to the page bottom, too perfect, which is only possible if the image was manipulated in Photoshop. The image of Earth is also exactly the same orientation and size as those taken by a Geostationary satellite above the African continent. There is no way this photograph could have been taken at exactly the perfect moment to get this orientation even if it was cropped
Image source
 it would never align so perfectly.. Compare the two images and note the orientation of the land masses and you will agree. Smacks of manipulation to me. The question arises, Why? Oh, of course, funding and deceiving the American people into supporting what, much to my distress, is a false project. This brings into question all the other exploits fed into the public domain such as the moon landings. How come the Apollo moon landings took place without fault as long ago as 1969 but today we can't send living beings beyond the Van Allen belt? Why did Neal Armstrong refuse to place his hand on  the Bible when saying the moon landings were real? Here is a video that sheds light on the moon landings and the deception perpetrated on the American people, amongst others all over the world, A funny thing happened on the way to the moon. A word of warning though, it will bring tears to your eyes, sorry.
In 1969 we didn't have television here in South Africa but we did have radio. I don't remember listening to the actual landing broadcast but I do remember my mom and dad talking animatedly about it while preparing to move house to Zambia. My dad was very pro-America at the time, he was working for an American company known as Crown Cork Company. To find out so many years later that they were all political lies has left me feeling devastated.
Fear God and obey his commands; there is no more to man than this.
For God brings everything we do to judgement, and every secret, whether good or bad. (Ecclesiastes 11 verse 6)
If my perception expressed in the above post offends some people please forgive me. I have nothing that I can say about Nasa nor anyone else with absolute certainty, but I can ask that everyone always speaks the truth. We are intelligent people and even though some people in the world believe that the rest of us are stupid and are easily deceived they are themselves deceived. God brings everything to light eventually whether good or evil, that is the truth.

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