15 April 2016

Mars. Here is something that many,many people have an interest in.

Beautiful mysterious Mars. Source

Mars, otherwise known as the red planet has visitors right now and more are on their way. That's right the Mars Rover is there and the one that was launched just a month ago, known as Exomars, will be there in October this year. So, if you are a Martian, beware, the humans are coming. Just kidding. We've actually been orbiting Mars for years now with the rovers having landed in January 2004.
But Mars has some anomalies that still have to be explored like the huge canyon Valles Marineris running along the equator. How did this immense canyon, that would stretch right across the United States from the east coast to the west, form?
What are these, Trees? source
 Mars isn't a cute warm little planet, it is small being the second smallest planet in the solar system, only Mercury is smaller, but warm, no way. The temperature is only about -125 degrees Celsius. When we do eventually land people on this planet they will definitely not be sunbathing in bikinis outdoors that's for sure. Mars is 496 million kilometers further from the sun than Earth is so the chilly atmosphere is understandable.
There is a plan to send people to colonize Mars, a one way ticket I'm afraid, and there are people who have signed up for the adventure but it will be years before we actually send anyone on their way there.  There is still the Van Allen belt to contend with not to mention the extremely long journey that passengers will have to endure.
Anyway, once again I have to get back to work so I'm going to wish you blessings and sign off for now, Geoff.

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  1. Hi Geoff - I've come via Lee's blog ... Tossing It Out blogspot ... I lived in SA in the late 70s to early 90s before returning home.

    Mars - now I don't think I'll get there ... but our descendants might ... I'll be interested to hear how the extra room is working on the present International Space Station ... on which Tim Peake is currently 'rocking' around the earth on .. he's speaking with school kids from down here at lunch time today - bet they're excited.

    See you around ... I'm not doing the A-Z challenge I had to pull out ... but I'm ready for next year! Cheers Hilary