Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jupiter, the huge planet

This is what the Earth looks like in comparison. Image source
You probably know by now that the whole of the United States of America can fit into the Sahara desert, that will give you some indication of the size of our planet Earth. But when you take a look at the planet Earth compared to the largest planet in our Solar system you begin to realize just how insignificant we as individuals really are.
We do know an enormous amount about Jupiter. We know it's the biggest planet in the Solar system, We know that the mass of Jupiter is greater than all the other planets in the Solar System combined, we also know that it is a gas giant composed mainly of Hydrogen and that this hydrogen atmosphere is only about 50 kilometers thick. You may even remember when the comet Shoemaker- Levy plunged into Jupiter's atmosphere creating a fireball bigger than our whole planet. You may have even watched the collision on Television in July 1994, I did.
Shoemaker-Levy impact Source
Will Jupiter ever turn into a star, not likely. The planet would have to increase in mass by about 70 times it's current mass in order to have enough compression and energy to convert Hydrogen into Helium which is the process thought to be involved in star formation.
There are a whole bunch of other interesting facts about our huge neighbor like the fact that it has 76 moons and has been visited by man made  space craft seven times already.
One of Paul's followers Barnabas had his name changed by his followers to Jupiter Acts 12 verse 14-17. In the Bible we are told that Jupiter and the other planets were created on the fourth day. So we now know a few things about Jupiter to entice us to look closer at the astronomical neighbors in our very own solarsystem. I encourage you to look up at the sky tonight and know that Jupiter is there watching over you with the Lord's blessing.
Blessings from me too, Geoff.

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