Friday, April 08, 2016

Gravity, out of the box thinking.

So, we have been told that Gravity is the force that causes any object that has mass to be attracted to any other object that too has mass. We are also told that Isaac Newton was the one that discovered this force and identified it. That may be incorrectly stated by me but you should still get the idea. What if Newton was wrong and the apple didn't fall to the ground but the ground jumped up to the apple, this poses a whole bunch of possibilities. Think about it, when you jump up is it possible that the Earth is possessive and does not want to loose you?
The jealous Earth theory Not really. Source
I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but imagine if the Earth jumped up to hold everything in it's grasp how distorted and bizarre the world would be. What if Gravity isn't a property of our universe but instead our universe is a consequence of
Gravity.  What if Gravity is the fabric upon which the universe is embroidered, if Gravity is the underlying structure that supports and manifests everything in existence? Like the cosmic microwave background radiation but manifesting, instead of radiation, matter.
We as a species can experience Gravity, we can measure and observe it's effect on all matter but we really, to this day, have no idea what it truly is or where it comes from. If, instead of looking for the effects of matter on Gravity, we started looking for the effects of Gravity on matter. More Gravity equals more matter not the other way around. In other words, an area of very intense Gravity will manifest itself as a large conglomeration of matter, like the sun for example. Where there is an area of only a small concentration of Gravity we would see just a little matter, like an apple for example.
Try to bend your head around this and see how difficult it is and how much of what we understand about the universe goes flying out the window. Black hole? Maybe, but it could also be an area of high Gravity and have nothing to do with the extreme concentration of matter that scientists have been theorizing about over the pas few decades. This is the kind of paradigm shift that I think the scientific community needs right now in order to progress. Out of the box thinking. God gave us things like this to keep us busy during our time here on Earth, puzzles to wrap our brains around. Thank you Lord and please bless everyone who tries to understand what I've written about in this post, Geoff.

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