Monday, April 04, 2016

Geovanni Domenico Cassinni

Cassinni, quite an amazing astronomer. God brought him into the world early in the 16 hundreds, 1625 to be precise. One of the things he accomplished during his life was the discovery of four of Saturn's moons. He also noticed the divisions of Saturn's rings, astounding if you  consider the type of instruments they were using in those days.We today struggle to identify faint objects out in space even though we now have a huge telescope floating above the atmosphere with no interference to mess things up.
The Cassini probe sent to Saturn. source
What is interesting about this post is the space craft sent to Saturn, the Cassini Huygens probe, to check the planet and it's moons out.
The craft was launched in 1997 and took almost 7 years to arrive in the vicinity of the target plane arriving in 2004. The pictures sent back to earth are astounding.  A whole lot of additional moons have been observed and photographed within the rings of Saturn. Saturn has 150 moons and moon-lets in all. Also things like the pentagonal cloud formation at the north pole of Saturn not to mention all the weird landscapes of the moons orbiting this amazing world.
An artist impression of the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn. source
This is another of the "Stars" created by God for our pleasure and we are now investigating what wonders there are to behold here.
The Cassini probe is the forth craft to visit this planet but the only one to orbit it. The Cassini probe is still active and orbiting Saturn and will do so until 2017 when it will dip within the ring system and eventually plunge into the atmosphere.
So Mr Geovanni Domenico Cassini, here's to you more than three hundred years after you departed from this world, we honor you sir.
Trying to write a series of posts on space is proving to be a bit challenging. There is a huge amount of information available but for me to write interesting posts is like trying to write better stories than the world's best authors. The best I can do is point you to other sites to get the whole picture. I am enjoying the research though. Space has been one of my favorite areas of interest for most of my life and now, thanks to the internet, I can research it to my hearts content. Thank you lord for this fascinating enigma.

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