Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fermi Bubbles from the center of the Milky Way.

Fermi Bubbles in our own galaxy source
I must tell you that researching these posts about space and everything therein is fascinating, well to me it is. I've learned such a lot about things that have fascinated me for such a long time. Thoroughly enjoying this.
Well here is something I've never even heard about before, Fermi Bubbles. Not like the bubbles one would see floating in the air but huge, enormous Gama ?, I want to say rays but I don't think that is entirely correct, let's rather call them emanations, that covers all possibilities without trying to pin it down to a particular genus. There are apparently winds emanating from the center of the galaxy which are inflating these bubbles at a speed of more than 2 million miles an hour, very impressive. They are of course completely invisible to the human eye, being Gama radiation, and were only discovered about six years ago. It has taken scientists a while to work out what they are and at this time the cause and composition of these amazing figures of eight are still unknown.
Here are a couple of links to feast your eyes on, not in Gama radiation but instead in ordinary script.
Mind-boggling Fermi Bubbles
Unexpected Fermi Bubbles
I read these posts and a few others and must tell you I was fascinated. Who would have thunk of such a thing? Oh that's right, the Lord God Almighty did.
Thank you Lord for these wonderful heavenly decorations that we can finally see.
Blessings from an exhausted Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

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