6 April 2016


Now here's an interesting and controversial topic for a blog post. Do you believe in intelligent beings somewhere out there in the universe. If your answer is yes, where are they? If no, then why is the American government pouring billions of Dollars into the search for extraterrestrial intelligence?
unexplained signal source
In 1977, on August the fifteenth, Jerry Ehman recorded a radio signal that lasted for the full ' 72 second window that the "Big Ear Radio Telescope" was able to track it. The signal bore the expected hallmark characteristics of  non Terrestrial, non Solar system origin, it did in fact seem to come from somewhere in the Sagittarius constellation. nearly forty years later the anomaly still has not been explained, very interesting indeed.
There are other things like UFO sightings, most of  which can be ascribed to hoaxes or other phenomena but not all. Some just defy explanation. Take, for example, the sighting of an unidentified craft hovering over Sydney or mysterious objects orbiting our world and photographed by astronauts known as the Black Knight. There is a whole lot of mystery surrounding aliens but that is understandable, humans love a good mystery and it makes for entertaining movies and good box office attendance. Who hasn't watched a movie about extraterrestrials invading our world or a movie about us exploring other worlds filled with strange looking beings. Star Trek, Star Wars, Paul which I really enjoyed, Falling Skies and so on and so on.
Now who doesn't just love Super Girl? Source

Do I personally believe there are intelligent entities out there in the universe, sure why not? But did God create them, of course He did , He created the universe and everything in it. But I do think that this human race must be very careful when it comes to getting in contact with beings from another planet, you never know what could happen.

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