26 February 2016

Crash and burn

My computer has committed harakiri, ritual disembowelment. So for the foreseeable future I will have no way to publish any posts. It is being looked at by someone who claims to be able to fix it, possibly with the loss of some of the files currently in the memory which, of course, means more photographs down the tubes. A pity but not the end of the world. So until things change Geoff is A.F.K. ,which means, according to Sheldon from the Big Bang T.V. series, away from keyboard.
As far as the work is concerned, We put up three exhibition stands this week and won three gold awards, not bad hey.
Anyway until later, Blessings and Love to all, Geoff.


  1. Thanks for checking in. I like watching 'Big Bang Theory'. Sheldon is a kill.

  2. Hello Joy.
    Yeah I like Big Bang Theory too, I find Sheldon very irritating, well his character, He's so needy having someone like that around all the time would drive me nuts. This comment was done on the company computer before I start work this morning. Happy leap day. (February 29) Geoff.