Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Marriage proposal

Shelley and Jason

Well I'm finally allowed to publish that post I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about good news. Shelly, my daughter and Jason are getting married. Jason approached me on Christmas day and asked me for permission to marry my daughter. After a brief discussion I agreed. I didn't say anything to Shelley but waited for her to tell me about it. On New years eve apparently, while they were away at a nature reserve somewhere in the north west, Jason went down on one knee and Shelley burst out crying, he didn't even get a chance to ask. Once the tears had subsided he asked and Shelley said yes. I got a call the next morning, the first person they called and Shelley then told me, once again crying. One of the conditions Shelley had stipulated before he could ask for her hand in marriage was that he first ask for my permission, the right thing to do. Her mom wasn't too happy about him asking me and not her but hey, that's the way things are done. The reason I had to wait was to give Jason time to tell his little girls, his ex-wife and his mom, fair enough.
More good news has since manifested. That application for work I mentioned earlier has resulted in an interview which I'll be attending tomorrow morning. Say another little prayer for me please, it really works. There are other things that have happened too but they are not as exciting as what has already happened. I'll be moving home at the end of March, somewhere closer to the rest of the family and more central. I'll write about that closer to the time supplemented with photographs.
On the day Shelley told me about Jason's proposal I went to my bible and talked to the Lord about it. When I opened my Bible this is the verse that came up;
The Amaziah sent messengers to Jehoash son of Jehoahaz, son of Jehi, king of Israel, to propose a meeing. But Jehoash king of Israel sent this answer to Amaziah king of Juda: 'A thistle in Lebanon sent to a cedar in Lebanon to say, "Give your daughter in marriage to my son."  (2 Kings verse 8 and 9)
It goes on a bit, well actually a lot, but that was the first verse I read when I opened my bible. So If you think God doesn't exist and that He doesn't know what is going on, think again.


  1. "Going home"... as in closer to Cape Town???? As in getting out of JHB?

  2. No Joy, not this time. Eastleigh, a suburb east of Johannesburg. Jason and Shelley bought a house there with a cottage on the property. The likelihood of my moving back to Cape Town is becoming more and more remote. I have a second interview on Monday and it looks like I will get the job which means various trips to other cities around the country, including Cape Town. I will obviously visit my friends but those walks in the wild are over for the time being. I have to get used to living here, that's all I can do.
    Blessings my friend, it's good to know you are okay, Geoff.

  3. I take it you'll be moving to the cottage? That sounds like a huge blessing! Congrats to the Father of the Bride!