Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life is good, even when it seems bleak.

Funny things happen when one has something to hope for, that time in life when you just love being alive. I'm sitting here listening to Lois Armstrong while I write this and life is good right now. I know that things have been a bit iffy lately and writing posts has been sporadic but I think that's about to change. I went for that interview this morning and it went pretty well, well I thought so but that's not what has put me in a good mood, what shall be shall be. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that I'm no longer feeling incompetent and unwanted or maybe it's realizing that when God says in his word that he loves me he wasn't kidding, he really does. Yes I'm still broke and yes I'm still having to provide for myself with limited resources but knowing that God has forgiven me for a promise unfulfilled leaves me feeling love and gratitude towards him that I can't really explain. I just have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a fantastic year but if it isn't that's alright too.
Listening to the news about economic meltdown and watching the Rand plummet, the threat of war on so many fronts, drought and floods just makes me despondent so I'v sort of stopped listening and now have the strength to laugh, the strength to take my camera out and start snapping away and the strength to start writing blog posts again. Yes I miss my friends in Cape Town and no, I haven't made any new friends up here in Johannesburg yet but I think that is about to change, we'll see.
With regards to the interview I've come to realize that this industry I've been involved in for so long is a very specialized industry. It's not the same as set building nor is it the same as Shop fitting. Film sets are only seen from the front and what has been used to make it appear isn't really a problem, Shop fitting has to last for 20 odd years and involves more of a cabinet making mindset but exhibitions are indeed seen from all angles and the finishes have to be top notch but it's coming down in three days. I've also come to realize that there aren't all that many people around who are looking for jobs that have the experience and knowledge to do this type of work. I'm one such person and managing a workshop of carpenters and artisans doing this kind of work is what I've been doing for years now and I'm good at it. I feel confident about getting the position and have absolute confidence in my abilities and skills. It's going to be a great year.
Chin up chaps, things are much better that all the media nonsense thrown at us, God will make sure of that.
Blessings from Geoff in South Africa.


  1. Just a quick update. I got the job and will be starting tomorrow morning. So far I'm satisfied with what has been offered to me salary wise but more important than that is the way this team of professionals work together on any project, nice to see.
    This morning, I arrived a bit early for the second interview so instead of just sitting around twiddling my thumbs I was invited to sit in on what I would call a production meeting with regards to an upcoming project. There had been an adjustment with regards to what the client required and this necessitated some design changes which was what the meeting was about. It was interesting and gave me an insight into the way things are done here. Then the interview. Their only concern was as to whether I would be able to cope with the stress and work load. No problem, I love doing this kind of work and so, after all assurances were made by both parties, I was offered the position and hand shakes ensued.
    Bless you Lord and thanks for the encouraging words you gave me this morning. And to those who said a prayer for me, thanks and bless you too, Geoff.

  2. Yay for you! So this probably means long hours for Geoff. You've done it before, you can do it again.

  3. oh, and we'll be watching for photos...

  4. And how is the job coming along?