8 January 2016

Climate change and chaos in 2016 already

Wow what a start to 2016. China stock markets tumbling this whole week, the Rand reaching record lows, flooding in the UK and all sorts of disputes about gun control in the USA not to mention what your weather has thrown at you. In Australia huge fires and lakes that have been empty now filling up, Earthquakes in Pakistan and a whole plethora of other world events that indicate what the French foreign minister said about only 500 days to climate chaos is true. The world seems to have gone nuts this year. The daily temperatures here over the past few days has gone up into the middle forties (113 degrees Fahrenheit.) It's a bit lower today at 39 degrees (100 Fahrenheit.)
I must tell you that I do read conspiracy theories and in this particular instance I'm beginning to see that they may not all be just theory. How did the french foreign minister know this was on its way with such accuracy?
Anyway, moving on.

I applied for a Workshop Manager position today with an exhibition stand building company Progroup.co.za , keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me.
I am good at this, It's something I've been doing for more than twenty years now. Oh, if you need a stand built for an exhibition or a film set built here in South Africa then get hold of me, I'll take care of it for you. e-mail
From me to you, blessings and safety, Geoff.

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