Sunday, November 15, 2015

Times of drought and strength.

Hello everyone, sorry about the long delay between posts.
As you all already know I'm unemployed at the moment so each time I want to check my e-mails or post on Blogger I have to make a sacrifice with regards to data which is extremely expensive in this country, in fact one of the most expensive data networks in the world. At the moment I'm having to be very frugal with every cent I have available to me. Anyway, enough about that.
We are currently undergoing severe drought here aggravated by aging under maintained water infrastructure. How about that, running a country takes a bit more than self enrichment. Roads need to be maintained, electricity supply needs more than just switching things on and of course water pipes and dams need repair and replacement. Come on guys, we are relying on you to do what we voted you in to do.
Recently I got a small job to install two 3500 liter rainwater storage tanks here in Mid Rand. It was fun but also a lot of work done in very high daily temperatures. On Thursday I worked outside for about 5 hours and landed up with heat exhaustion, very unpleasant indeed, dizziness, inability to think straight and weakness in the extreme. I got over it by the next morning but also took more precautions while working, like wearing a hat and drinking more water and eating salty things. It's funny how I didn't realize what was happening while working, it sort of crept up on me unawares. Be cautious while outside in high temperatures, it could damage your health.
I've contacted one of the tank suppliers here to go on a course about installing tanks. This seems to be an opportunity to make some money as people are suddenly talking a lot about Rainwater Harvesting. As I live on a small holding where we use Borehole water as opposed to municipal water, I've been aware of water harvesting for a long time now and we have a number of tanks here for that very purpose. We'll see what happens but I must make some effort to find a source of income.  
With regards to what happened in Paris on Friday Evening all I can say is; May God give you healing and comfort in your time of grief. He's comforted me always when I've been struggling and I've always come through.
To everyone else I ask for God's guiding hand in your lives and may he bless you and keep you under his wing in safety and love, Geoff.


  1. Still kicking, eh? Nice shot of you there, Shelly took it?