Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Horizon's Pluto flyby.

This image of Pluto was taken on Tuesday and was downlinked just before the flyby

Today the Nasa New Horizons space craft hurtled past the planet Jupiter with less than twelve thousand five hundred kilometers to spare, that after traveling through space for more than nine years at thirty one thousand miles per hour and covering a distance of  three billion miles, astounding. The accuracy on this mission and the detailed planning and effort that has gone into it deserves worldwide applause, well done everyone, you have made history today and I'm proud of you and what you have accomplished.
Technically, this is amazing but remember who put Pluto there first, and it wasn't Wald Disney :)
Over the next year and a half I'm sure to hear a lot more about our far distant cousin and I'm looking forward to some amazing facts and images, Thanks, Geoff.

2006 the Nasa's launch culminating in today's historic accomplishment.

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