17 July 2015

God, his son Jesus and me, the way I see things.

John 6 verse 44 States "No man can come to me unless he is drawn by the Father who sent me; and I will raise him up on the last day."
Hello Adrian, remember me? We met at the Edenvale licencing department earlier today where I said that no man could come to Jesus unless sent by God the father. You looked rather askance at me when I said that, as if you didn't recognize the reference, well there you have it. 
As I stated, I follow what Jesus said to us, not anyone else. There are so many scriptures preached by the church from the teachings of Paul but Paul was just a man, not the Messiah. Jesus on the other hand is the son of God and all authority to judge and rescue has been put into his hands. The way I see it is like this; A son is born to you and your wife and over the years you come to not just love this amazing son but to have absolute trust in him too. You establish a business and teach him the right way to run it so that it will continue in the vein you envisaged when you set it up. One day he gets married and as a wedding gift to him you hand all authority over the business to him, you know with all your heart that this business, in his hands, will do exceedingly well. The business is still yours but you take a back seat to allow him to make all the decisions required while still having your complete backing and authority. He hires and fires, decides where to invest and how to market it but with your money, your resources, your strength and your contacts. Sort of like a manager but still the boss's son. 
People you meet along the way you send to your son for him to decide whether he can utilize them to further the aims of your business or not. If they listen to him and do what he says then they will prosper, if not, goodbye. You get where I'm coming from?
Jesus, throughout all his ministries, talked of the Father and gave all glory to Him. He didn't claim that glory for himself. His words "I am the way, the truth and the light' were with reference to the father's kingdom. You want to enter the kingdom of God? Follow me, I'm going there, I'll show you the way. Forget what anyone else tells you, they are deceiving themselves and you into falling into the sewers, it's not the way. That way leads to darkness and filth. (Think for a moment just how dark and disgusting it is in the sewers where all the excrement of mankind ends up.)
The kingdom of God doesn't just have to do with where you will land up when you die, it exists right now, right here where you are today. In John 14 verse 1 and 2 Jesus tells his disciples to "Set your troubled hearts at rest. Trust in God always; trust also in me." In verse 14 he tells them "If you ask anything in my name I will do it." What an amazing promise. 
I hope this hasn't caused you too much stress and will also assure that I personally can attest to all that I've written here. Give it a try, ask for something in Jesus's name and see if it isn't true, you will be amazed.
Blessings from Geoff.
All scriptures referenced from The New English Bible. Oxford University Press 1972.


  1. I tried to e-mail this to someone called Adrian but was unable to, so I posted it here for him to find at his leisure, he does have my Blog address. I hope all of you can read it and tell me what you think. This is really how I view the relationship between God and Jesus. It was a copy and post affair so please excuse the change in font and so on. Blessings to the whole world from Geoff.

  2. I think you have made a great analogy of the relationship between the Father and the Son.
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