Monday, July 13, 2015

Feeling a bit unloved.

Wow, I'm having such a hard time with this. I used to write because I really enjoyed the company and reading other peoples blog posts, trying to make money from this is proving extremely difficult. That being said, I need to start writing again, proper writing that is interesting and worth actually reading. Now I know what you go through writing novels, it's really hard to find motivation and confidence. Who would want to read what I have to say?
Anyway, let me stop being such a wimp and write because I enjoy it, not worrying about whether it's good enough for you or not.
I'm nearly sixty years old now, September 15th, This is the time in my life when I should be getting ready to retire but here I am unemployed and starting all over again, it really sucks. Having moved from Cape Town in the Western Cape, a province that is safe, clean and the most fantastic area in South Africa, to Johannesburg a thousand miles away in Gauteng, completely the opposite. All my friends are still in the Cape, as is the work I've been doing for the past 25 years or so, it really sucks.
I wanted to monetize my blog in order to create a residual income by linking my blog to other companies and services around the world through affiliate advertising and by selling some of my pictures online, well that was the idea. Not going too well.
Things I'm interested in are things like quantum theory, physics, archaeology, anthropology and that kind of stuff but these do not seem to be subjects people in general take an interest in so finding topics for blog posts has been challenging. When I read other people's posts on these subjects I'm impressed by their research and the conclusions they have come to. There are stacks of things I disagree with and lots of my questions remain unanswered but that is to be expected. One suck question for example is why are so many physicists Jewish and why are they so keen to disprove the existence of God? Unified field theory and all that stuff. Another one is, Who is really running the world? Having recently seen the collapse of the Greek banking system and how everything in measured in monetary terms. What are the banks going to do? Repossess Greece? Everything seems to relate to money, lives no longer count. Take Nepal for example. The media equated everything to how much financial damage had occurred, nothing about the tremendous cost to the people themselves with regards to lost family members and the amount of trauma they would have to deal with for decades to come.
It does seem to me that we are definitely drifting away from a God centered understanding of life and the universe, it's like we don't care that God has given us a manual on everything, a unified theory of everything and we seem to have lost our love for one another. Such a pity.
Well, that was my rant for the day, I'll try to write again tomorrow, hopefully with a less negative post.
May God bless all who read my blog posts, Geoff.

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  1. Life can sure throw us some curve-balls. Sorry you are going through a period in the doldrums, I hope things look-up for you really soon Geoff. I always enjoy reading your blog posts btw, no matter what you're writing about.