Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Anything's possible

I know that my blog posts to date have been a bit varied in subject matter but in essence, I've written about the love that God has for each of us, however that is not all I'm interested in. The universe and Earth and, of course, myself, but more interested in how God brought this about and what it means to us as Humans today.
Scientists are very clever, no doubt about it, but do they have the correct interpretation of the universe?  What if the world is really expanding and so is the Universe.
What if everything we know about the universe is a load of bunkum? What if there never was a "Big Bang?" What if everything we see is growing from within?
 That would certainly challenge a few of our most prestigious mathematicians.
We've given the planet a static life, or should I rather say a stable form. What I mean by this is, that's how big the planet is and that's how big it's always been, but what if we're wrong? What if in the distant past the Earth was smaller, a lot smaller? Less mass less gravity. That would certainly explain the ability of huge dinosaurs to be mobile while it has been proven that in today's world their bone structure would not allow this. There must be some explanation.
Here's another thought, what if the extra mass that has made up the Earth has come from within and the planets are the embryos of stars, just still in the formation? Jupiter is on the way there but with a long way to go, so is Earth.
The question is, what's at the center of the Earth, what could possibly be happening in there that would create this extra mass and where does it come from? Is it possible?
I don't know. Things are very complicated at the moment, what with dark matter and dark energy and black holes and so on, but I have the feeling that in the not too distant future humanity is in for a wake up call and everything will fall into place the way it's supposed to.
And how does God fit into this hypothesis? I think God and the universe are a bit bigger than all of us put together. There is an explanation out there but it will only be revealed to us in God's time, maybe never. Can you imagine how bored you would be if God hadn't allowed challenges into the equation?
There are numerous blog posts and websites dealing with this subject that make a lot of sense. Google expanding earth. Lots of love, Geoff.

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