Thursday, July 16, 2015

100 years in the future, where are we going and how fast?

100 years ago this little plane was considered exceptional because of its superior speed of 97 miles per hour with a ceiling of 16000 feet. It was loved by pilots because of it's maneuverability and lightness. I would love to have one of those, very pretty. However today things have changed a bit as far as speed and ceiling height are concerned, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. The New Horizons space craft was built and completed nine years ago, this is what was happening 9 years before 1915.
14 Bis October 1906
This is how much aviation advanced in just nine years.
Aboard the New Horizons space craft was a little box, half an inch thick and just two inches in diameter that had the remains, well at least a little, of the discoverer of Pluto Clyde Tombaugh. These remains are the furthest human remains, 4 billion miles. Traveling at 34000 miles per hour.

The aluminium canister aboard New Horizons
In 1806 to 1815 the most we could achieve with regards to speed was a sailing ship with a speed of less than 15 nautical miles per hour. So the speed in the first half of the 200 year period went from about 10 miles per hour to about 97 miles per hour. over the next 100 years it advanced to 34 000 miles per hour with human remains on board. There was of course the Helios probes which reached a slingshot speed of 157 000 miles per hour but there were no human bits aboard.
There was a time when it was postulated that the maximum speed humans could travel was something like fifteen miles per hour because the air pressure in the mouth would kill him. Well we seem to have overcome that little obstacle by a bit.
Where this post is going is; What will happen over the next hundred years, how far will we travel and at what speed? Right now we believe the speed of light is the limit but 200 years ago the limit was determined by water resistance and so on, then we invented cars and airplanes and space craft. Where are we going? Of course we could just all land up dead, I hope not but that is up to God isn't it.

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