25 June 2015

My crowd funding idea 2008 and a whole lot of other stuff.

Hello everyone, sorry for the long gap between posts, that's about to change.
I'm going to tell you an interesting story about making money from blogging. This will take quite a while and I'll post daily from now, 25 June until 25 December. Yes only 6 months till Christmas. I'm no longer working, which is another story, and so have the time to do this seriously.
Let me start by telling you why I've decided to start making money from my blog.
When I started blogging in 2009 my intention was to make money, not for myself but to try and save the hill and farm in the picture, Klein Melkbos Plaas. The farm is adjacent to the Blaauberg nature reserve and is about 1000 hectares in size. What my plan started out as was to divide that area into 1 meter lots which would give me 10 million square meters. I was then going to post this on the web and ask for sponsorship per square meter for $5.00 as a once off sponsorship. That would amount to about five hundred million Rand. With that I could buy the farm, join it to the nature reserve and save the farm. There was only one catch, I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. I couldn't even switch a computer on let alone cut and paste and surfing the net, no idea what that meant. In talking to a friend Wynand, whom I met through the church, I was advised to first get on Facebook and to start a blog. Say Whaaat? The learning was about to happen.
I learned first how to switch the computer on and got familiar with all these weird things like backspace and save. It did take a while but I did eventually get the hang of some of the functions, enough to allow me to open an e-mail address and to send an e-mail to the Cape Nature Conservation head Joanne Jackson. I tried to post a copy of the e-mail here but have no idea how to do that. I have a copy in my e-mail archives. So if you can advise me I'd appreciate it.
Anyway, whether Joanne Jackson got my e-mail is a subject I have no information on, never heard a thing from Cape Nature Conservation. I did however start a blog and signed up to Facebook.
With the failure to connect with Cape Nature Conservation and not understanding what I was doing my first blog post was about God's word and the farm.
I still had no idea what I was doing. I'd practiced a bit in word and then wrote that post. Looking at it now after so many posts, I can see a beauty in it and that makes me proud.
I never did work out how to make money on the net. I could see how lucrative it could be for any project but didn't know how. By the way, what I was trying to do is new and they now call it "Crowd funding". Ahead of my time.

Yesterday I visited my little sister Toni. She had been sent a link to a guy by the name of Yaro Starak, someone I'd never heard of before. He teaches bloggers how to make, not just money but their blogs much more visited and informative. I was sent a link by Toni and have found what I believe is the easiest way to get out of a job I'm very tired of. Heres a link to Yaro's blog page, very informative and worth visiting.
I don't know how to monetize this blog yet but may well do just that. I know my writing is good and my posts are enjoyable so why not capitalize on the links that have formed through this blog? Don't worry, it won't change my blog nor will it be intrusive, there are ways to do that. It might however, become a little more upbeat and active. That will be good.

I will be posting again tomorrow but I need to sort out a whole lot of things before I can do this. I'll write about what those things are and what I'm doing about them.
Until then, Love you lots, Geoff.
P.S. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me.


  1. I wish you'd move back to the Cape and get out of JH! I know, I sound quite strong and bossy, but I had to say it. No longer working for Miles? As for copying the e-mail: Highlight the entire e-mail, right click and choose 'copy', open up your blog post, do a left click to mark where you want the e-mail message inserted, and then, another right click and choose 'paste'. Try that out. It's hard to tell you, easier if I was right there sitting next to you. ha.

  2. The white background is much easier on the eyes to read... thanks.

  3. hope my first comment went through....

  4. Hello Joy.
    This is the second time I've replied to your comments, the first attempt disappeared.
    Yes I'd love to move back to the Cape, I probably will, but right now I'm not ready for that. Patience, it will happen. If this works out I hope to do a lot more than just move around South Africa, I will be visiting the whole world, you too if all goes well.
    The white, in my opinion, is still a bit harsh but the grey seems to work a little better.
    Blessings my fine feathered American friend,FFAF, Geoff.