Saturday, June 27, 2015

I miss Cape Town

Winter has come creeping through the door, across the tiled floor and into my feet. It's winter in the southern hemisphere at the moment. Fairly mild so far but there are those days when sitting at the computer for any length of time can result in frozen digits at both ends. Anyway this too shall pass then it's your turn. Minnie has learned to spend a lot more time cuddled up in her bed, Archie too, while Olive and Tiny have discovered the advantages of electric blankets, mine that is.
Johannesburg isn't like Cape Town, here the rains come in summer while in Cape Town thins are very wet right now. There are other areas that are different, the air is brown during the day, pollution, and rivers aren't at all potable, very polluted in fact.
I've been looking at pictures I took while in the Cape and oh how I miss Cape Town. Right now I'm trying to think of ways to get back where I belong, it's not impossible. We'll see what transpires.

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