Friday, June 26, 2015

Dream Big

This is a letter I wrote a long time ago, unfortunately things never materializes. My own ignorance of course but it has taught me about cloud funding hugely. It was posted as a complete document from my e-mail archives. Not everything worked perfectly, since I don't have "Office" on my computer and it has taken quite a bit of effort to get this to work but hey, here is the post I was supposed o do for today, enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Cape Town could have its own game park?   

I live on a farm on the cape west coast that borders the Blaauwberg conservation land encompassing Blaauwberg Koppie and a substantial area of dune and flat land. Northwest of these properties are the small suburbs of Melkbos Strand and Duinefontein. To the west is the coast road that separates them from a declared conservancy that stretches to the coast. The area from north through east and down as far as southeast is farmland. Southwards are Tableview and Blaauwberg with big bay to the southwest. The farm and conservation areas mentioned above lie within a greenbelt that stretches from Bigbay northwards and inland as far as Malmesbury. There is an amazing diversity and abundance of life that exists here, taking refuse and thriving. If one has the energy to climb to the top of the hill, the reward is breathtaking and definitely worth the effort. The fact that ones vantage point is set within natural surroundings is a bonus.

The view looking south                     Robben Island to the West 

Green Tortoise

If ones ascent is more leisurely and more attention given to the undergrowth and surrounds, one has the opportunity to see what really thrives here. Fynbos is indigenous to the area as are a wide variety of orchids and many other beautiful plants found nowhere else.
In winter, mushrooms and lichens take advantage of the moist atmosphere to send forth their spores. Mosses turn green, spreading over rock and root creating faerie-like gardens in the damp shade of the overhanging bushes. Multicoloured bracket fungi sprout shelf-like from tree branches and trunks.

    fields of flowers
 Bracket fungus and moss

Insects are few at this time but snails come out in numbers, taking advantage of the dewdrops covering everything like a sprinkling of diamonds. Caterpillars too come out to feast on the new vegetation while some beetles, such as the ladybird, get a chance to show off their brightly decorated wing cases in the reduced undergrowth clutter.


When the rains are good the land flourishes, life takes a breath and makes the most of the abundance. Tortoises roam about; birds are nesting everywhere, some such as plovers and quail, laying their eggs on the open ground. The flowers are starting to show at this time, firstly white changing to yellows and oranges and finally to blues and purples.


There are wild buck and a variety of wild birds and creatures here. Porcupines make their homes here, snakes too such as the Cape Cobra and the Mole snake but they are not abundant.
The whole green belt acts like a giant sponge sucking in the smoke and carbon di-oxide generated by the city, converting it to essential oxygen.


With global warming and environmental issues finally being recognized by governments around the world, one wonders whether concrete steps will be taken to correct emissions and if so, when. We cannot keep pointing fingers at the world governments and accusing them of doing nothing. Governments are huge lumbering entities that are unable to make any rapid changes even when the very existence of life is     threatened, the best they can do is make excuses why they cannot do anything. There are however more citizens in the world than governments and citizens are not as ‘encumbered’ as are governments when it comes to taking action. We do not need to make excuses. If we cannot expect the governments to sort the environment out, then it up to us, the ordinary citizens to implement change.
Life is precious but very fragile and incapable of coping with the destruction of the atmosphere, the oceans and the land brought about by the activities of man. We are an integral part of the planets living system and need to adjust our thinking in order to ensure a future for not only our descendants, but the whole planet.

Here is an accomplishable proposal that encompasses both nature conservation and carbon dioxide reduction.

What I would like to do is;
*     Establish a non-profit organisation for the acquisition of the farm in order to attach it to the existing conservation area.
*     Enlist the assistance of conservation, veterinary and botanical experts and students.
*     Provide suitable facilities and premises for the above as well as entomological laboratories and quarantine holding pens utilising the existing farm buildings.
*     Create training facilities for students and learners focused on conservation, tourism and ecologically sustainable land use.
*     Provide facilities for the creation of bio-friendly power generation.
*     Create a tourism driven economic unit that does not impact on the environment adversely.
*     Provide shop space for crafters and artists whose work reflects the culture of the area in which the project is being undertaken.

Labour and personnel will be sourced from the immediate area and all efforts will be directed towards the rehabilitation of the indigenous fauna and flora and the upliftment of those in the area

How I intend doing this;
*     Establish a website outlining the goals and aims of the project.
*     Post photographs and video footage of the area in question on the website allowing browsers to down load p.c. backgrounds and screensavers at a nominal fee.
*     Post regular video footage of what is happening at the moment with each project as well as interesting supporting footage from experts and other sources.
*     Request browsers to sponsor parcels of land of 1 square meter as a donation towards the project of their choice.
*     Enlist the assistance of “face book” users to spread the concept amongst their friends asking them to visit the website.

What I need to make a success of this and how you can help.

*     Help with establishing a non-profit organization.
*     Give advice concerning the most effective means of attracting sponsors.
*     Provide office equipment and computers to facilitate research and administration.
*     Offer moral support.
*     Media coverage would be a great help.

This project cannot be accomplished by one man alone and is a good opportunity for anyone who feels like doing something constructive to get involved. Sitting on the sidelines and making excuses why we cannot do anything is no longer an option. We need to do whatever we can now, later may well be too late.

Your consideration in this matter would be appreciated.
Kind regards
Geoff Maritz
                               cell: website under construction.

Thanks for reading that, I hope it taught you something about the beauty God has provided us with here on earth. Love Geoff.




  1. I tried to enter my e-mail, with no success. Do not wish to enter my cell #. This is a well written blog.

  2. Thank you Susan, that was very encouraging to say the least. I'm still trying to get this thing up and running but am sure that if I keep on trying it will work eventually. The e-mail thing will, in due course, work properly.
    I will keep on posting and letting everyone know how it's working out. We can still save the planet, it will just take a little dedication from those who really do want a future for our grand children, I know I do.
    Blessings from Geoff in South Africa.