Monday, May 04, 2015

Nepal earthquake, my wishes.

With the tragedy that has befallen Nepal and the reaction internationally I'm inclined to wonder when this poor world of ours is going to shake us off again, like a dog shaking after a dust bath. There do seem to be an inordinate number of earthquakes around the Pacific rim lately. I'm not sure how many occur on a daily basis but 50 seems quite excessive to me.earthquake map Africa doesn't appear to be affected by quakes often, South Africa only experiencing 4 in the last year greater than magnitude 1.5. For me personally, I've only felt one tremor about 30 odd years ago in Johannesburg. Gave me quite a fright, the house was rocking all over the place, lamps swaying and cupboard doors rattling. I grabbed the children and rushed outside just in case. The whole thing lasted about two minutes and then calm returned. The effects this little tremor had on me have lasted for many years, I'll never forget just how afraid I was at that precise moment.
Plascon window display, picture by Geoff.

Why am I writing about this? Well I think the people of Nepal are going to need some very long lasting help and understanding from the rest of our world population. I remember how long it took before I was ready to take my chances and go back into the house, and there was no damage. Can you imagine just how afraid the people affected by the Nepal quake must be to go back to their homes.
As far as the Government of Nepal goes, well I've heard of import restrictions and distribution hold ups because of red tape at the arrival points. This is possibly because of the sheer unexpectedness of the international concern for the people of Nepal and the huge influx of aid. I know I would be a bit overwhelmed under the circumstances.
A message for the people of Nepal, "You are very loved and cared about by people from all over the world and it shows at this time."
I'm just one in millions who have pledged my donations to your future, may it be of value to you. Know this; Through great tribulations such as this, Nepal will regrow in a better condition than she was before the disaster. The sadness from losing all those lives and your beautiful buildings will convince you to apply better standards to building projects from now on. And know too, "This too shall pass." Things will return to normal one day and your children who have been affected by this calamity will come out on top, this is a fact.
May my God bless the people of Nepal, may He bring comfort to all who grieve and may He uphold the children who have lost their families in this time of turmoil. And Blessings from Geoff, someone who could only dream of visiting your beautiful God given land.

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  1. Amen. It's such a sad, sad thing. So many lives.