5 May 2015

Good news

I've had flu for a couple of days now, about a week. It amazes me how much easier it is to cope with illness, or any stress for that matter, when you have someone looking after you. Most people have a spouse to care for them when they are in need, someone to bounce things off, I also have someone to bounce things off, God himself. Today I'm feeling a lot better than expected, I slept right through the night for a change. Anyway, I'm getting better. Good news indeed. More good news, Tracy has been found to have no evidence of disease. She's been dealing with Lymph cancer for a couple of years now and yesterday test results came back NED, no evidence of disease. That is really great news. The poor girl has been terrified of dying and not seeing her four year old daughter growing up. I can identify with that, except of course I believe in and trust God. I think she's trying to believe but hasn't quite gotten there yet, I know what that's like.
Myles my brother and husband to Tracy turned to me the other day and said, "Now I know how Mom felt." My mom dealt with my father's cancer for more than three years, that was in the mid seventies. Things in those days were different from today, cancer was a sure fire killer and coping with it meant radiation treatment, loss of hair and continual sickness, things have changed for the better. Well I hope so.
So say a thank you to the Lord for Tracy's improvement and a prayer for her continued improvement, do this for me.
I've got to get back to work now. Stay well and remember that God, the creator of the whole universe has a place for you in His amazingly forgiving and loving heart. Blessings from Geoff.

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  1. Hope you'll be feeling 100% better very soon Geoff.