Thursday, April 09, 2015

Easter weekend with Geoff.

Shelley's picture.

Easter has come and gone this year and almost everyone is back at work. Almost being the operative word here. The road death toll in South Africa over this Easter weekend has risen from 193 last year to 287 this Easter. Very sad!
In my country, road rules don't really apply anymore. White lines and stop signs are ignored by such a large proportion of the driving public that it has become completely insane on the roads here. The laws are there but enforcement is non-existent. And this is the result, death and carnage. Oh well, I live in Africa, what can I say?

Shelley's picture.

On a more positive note, the Two Oceans Marathon was a great success. The Half marathon was won by Stephen Mokoka of Ethiopia in a touch over one hour, 1 hour and exactly 4 minutes. That's almost 21 kilometers per hour. Well done chap. The 56 kilometer ultra marathon was won by Motlokoa Nkhobotlane of Lesotho 3:10:27. Well done.
The ladies also did extremely well. The half marathon was won by Lebogang phalula (1:14:48) of South Africa and the ultra marathon was taken by Caroline Wöstmann (3:41:23) also of South Africa. Well done ladies, you did us proud.
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The ZCC church meeting at Moria, according to one of the workers at Setbuild who was there, hosted 14 000 000 worshipers, wow.
The store man Moses was telling me on Tuesday how he went up there by buss and how impressed he was that 9 people had come all the way from London in the UK. He was on such a high it was really inspiring.
Shelley's picture, Archibald and me.

As for myself, Well I spent Friday pretty much alone, nice and peaceful. Saturday I spent at my sister's place watching movies. She wasn't there but had asked me to please feed the dogs in the evening which I duly did. A rather boring day. Sunday afternoon we had a braai. I was expecting more people so bought a whole bunch of meat to throw on the fire but it was just the two of us. Very nice. 
My picture, Shelley.

Monday I spent with Shelley showing her how to use her camera. She had tried to take pictures on Sunday but they had come out blank. On Monday morning she asked for help. It was great.
I'm hoping everyone else had a great weekend and you are all focussed and doing what you enjoy the most. 
Blessings from A cool autumnal Johannesburg, Geoff.


  1. Great pictures! Shelly is a beautiful woman. Glad you got some real rest out of your holiday! What a shame people disobey the rules of the road like that! Are they driving drunk? Take care out there my friend!

  2. Geoff, good to talk with you again. Take very good care. You have not changed, the same, sweet, spiritual, caring guy.

  3. Thanks Barbara.
    As to the drunk driving, probably yes, it's usually involved.
    As to Shelley, once again yes, I know. Not sure how that happened :)

    Thanks, nice to know.

  4. I enjoyed Shelly's photos: I know Cosmos, but is the top one Plumaria? A beautiful, strong, sweet scent. I've been wondering about Archibald, glad you have him with you. Looks like you're kicking back with a glass of wine... sounds like you had a great weekend. That huge plant... Aguave, Aloe? I know I have misspelled a few words here.

  5. Hi Joy.
    To be honest, I have no idea. I'm not convinced these flowers are cosmos, they seem to have too many petals and look much stronger than cosmos. The big plant is Sisal. They make rope from the fibres, well in this country they do. It may be known under other names elsewhere in the world.
    Why are you concerned about Archibald? He's still just as much of a naughty boy as always. :)
    No, everyone if fine, getting cold here, autumn and so on.
    Good to hear from you, thanks for the visit, chat soon. Blessings, Geoff.

  6. Re: Archibald. Storms and such, getting along with other pets...

  7. Yes, Shelly is pretty, but I always think of her in that hat (your photo from years back). She looks different here. (P.S. have read about the rioting in S.A., first in Durban and now in your city.)