15 April 2015

Back to being a dedicated Blogger, because I love it.

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Hello everybody, welcome to my Blog.
I've just gotten back from a rather busy but pleasant day at the workshop. (Setbuild) There are quite a few things going on in this country at the moment, rioting, monument defacing s, looting and pillaging, (called xenophobia here) and generally lots of accusations of racialism and colonialism. Most of these things don't affect Geoff too much in Johannesburg but some of them do, one in particular, load shedding. I don't know if you ever keep up with the news, I do. Well in this country we have a power supply utility run by the A N C, that's the African National Congress, the ruling party. This power utility, Eskom, cannot keep up with the increased demand for electricity, that's what happens when you make promises you can't keep. A quick note to those running for congress or parliament right now, watch your mouth. If you win you will be held accountable for those un-kept promises. Anyway, back to South Africa, the power stations are out dated and new ones are being built but they are beset with strikes and so on. What this means is LOAD SHEDDING. They choose certain areas in the country to suspend supply so they can cope with other areas demand, it's difficult to explain.
Well how this affects me is; yesterday and today power was switched off in Midrand, where I live, from 2 PM until after 6 PM. Now that doesn't only affect homes but businesses, and of course traffic lights. You have no idea.Yesterday it took me more than two hours to travel 27 kilometers, just under seventeen miles.
Poor Archibald and Minnie, they become so restless and just want to get out of the car. Another thing that gets affected in my home is my fish tank. The water temperature isn't too affected, they are after all African Cichlids, but the filtration system runs dry. What this means is that when the electricity comes back on and I'm not around, the system will burn out due to overheating. Very distressing. But, because God looks after me and my home, it hasn't burned out yet. Thank you lord.
Living in Johannesburg has changed the way I look at life to a degree, but I'm still Geoff from the farm with my dogs and cats and fish. I still talk about God and Jesus. And to top it all, I'm still a writer and photographer.
Do yourself a favor, thank the Lord for your consistent power supply and be grateful that your country isn't going through major changes right now. I'm South African through and through and love this amazing place with it's incredible scenery and people. I have no desire to live anywhere else but that could change, I am after all a wanderer by nature and I love it.
Many blessings from Geoff in South Africa.


  1. I've heard nothing about the current issues in your country, will take a look at the news. :( Stay safe.

  2. Hi Joy, wow that was quick.
    Yeah we got a few things going on here, I'll certainly try to stay safe, I think it's a mouth thing. All well at the moment.
    Love you lots, Geoff.

  3. Some areas here have had what they call "brown outs". Usually in big cities or metropolitan areas. I can remember when most houses had one wall receptical in each room and half of those were empty most of the time. The whole world, and me along with it, has gone electricity crazy!

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  4. Hi Geoff,
    I had to smile when I read in your profile about your walks being more pleasant if you have intelligent company. With the Lord in our minds we always have that. So glad that you have a love for animals too.

  5. Hi Geoff again,
    just to say that I would like to read about your visions and miracles one day but do not know where to find them. I too have experienced this.

  6. Hello Brenda.
    This blog is all about miracles and visions, my recommendation is for you to sit back and read as many of my posts as you can stand. I have had visions and miracles have happened to me and I've written about them in this blog, here's a link to some of them but it would be better for you to read my other posts too.http://geoffmaritz.blogspot.com/2013/07/on-real-visions.html
    I've got to go back to work so haven't time to look for specific posts right now, I'll get back to you this evening, Geoff. P.S. Look for a post about honey.