18 February 2015

Being prepared

If there were to be a world event that completely shut you off from your current way of life, say the internet failed completely, would you be able to survive and for how long? Think about it.
A couple of moths ago I got it into my head to set up an emergency stockpile of foodstuff and groceries. In my case, living alone with only my animals to look after, the stock didn't have to be so huge. A couple of tins, about 30 odd, some dried stuff like a big bag of rice and a bunch of dog food and cat food tins. 25 Kilograms of dog chunks and about the same in cat chunks, no frozen or perishable foodstuff.
Well, in retrospect, this would not last very long, probably about a month. That, of course, is not the only thing to be taken into account. I would have to move to some place very hard to reach on a single tank of fuel, say Vioolsdrift on the Orange river for example. It's a long way from any town with desert on all sides, flowing river water and a thriving agricultural society. Remember, with the internet shut down the shops will run out of produce in less than a week. Fuel stations will run dry even sooner and so on. This is a worst case scenario where I have to run away from the mob anarchy that will develop in the big cities and a remote, hard to reach place would be a good bet.
Since there won't be any electricity supply, I'll have to get candles as well, maybe an extra can of standby fuel too. In South Africa our power supply has become rather a dodgy thing to rely on in the past decade or so, Escom. That's more than likely why I started thinking about this in the first place.
I've been surfing the net looking at other websites by people with the same notion in their heads, what to stock up on and what could happen if a world changing event did take place, not scary, just interesting. I even came across a document about America being shut down, by terrorists of course. Hmm! How prepared would you be should that happen?
Let me know and if you know of any site I could take a look at please post a link for me.
Thanks and blessings to everyone, Geoff.
Oh, by the way. I'm in good shape, after my heart attack, and in good spirits.


  1. We went through something similar for a couple of weeks after Hurricane Rita came through our area in 2005. We are in better shape than most folks. Especially city dwellers. But I'm sure there are pleanty of things we'd prefer to have if it went on a long time that we currently do not. To me, the hardest thing to do without was ice.

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  3. Hello Barbara.
    Yes I can imagine, mid-summer and all.
    While I was living on the farm in Cape Town one Christmas day, a fire swept through the farm at an incredible rate. The water pipes that fed the farm buildings were burned off which took about three weeks to repair. the thing that was most difficult to handle was the lack of water for flushing the toilet. It came as a big surprise. Everything else was handle-able.
    Thanks for the visit and may you be blessed today, Geoff.

  4. It is foolhardy to not be prepared for emergency needs. Tornadoes, hurricanes, power outages, snow storms, or even loss of income. We live in a volatile world and don't know what's around the corner. But the best and wisest preparation is to know Jesus Christ as your Savior. Where are you going when you die? Are you sure?