Thursday, January 08, 2015

On faith and the law

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Then what are we to say? That gentiles, who made no effort after righteousness nevertheless achieved it, a righteousness based on faith; whereas Israel made made great efforts after a law of righteousness, but never attained to it. Why was this? Because their efforts were not based on faith, but (as they supposed) on deeds. Romans verse 30 to 32.
Do you love your children? Of course you do. Would you say your love for your children is dependent on  their deeds or works? "Bad child I will no longer love you because you didn't sweep the floor as the house rules dictate you  have to do." How insane is that.

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God the father loves his children in the same way as we love our children. Let me tell you about an incident that happened in  my own life:
One day a few years ago, after I had had a huge fight with God, I was very down and despondent thinking that the God of creation, He who had formed me in my mother's womb and to whom I owed everything, could never love me again nor could He possibly forgive my irreverent and outrageous arrogance in fighting with Him. I was walking around the farm lamenting my unjustified outburst wishing it had never happened. I was talking to the Lord saying "I'm so sorry Lord, I know you can't forgive me, please take my life now so I can go to where I'm bound, in hell, and be done with my pathetic life."  This went on for hours and hours.
I think, after a while, He became quite frustrated with me because, all of a sudden, the following words came to mind: "Do you love your children?" Well yes, of course I do. "Would you still love your child if, when drunk and having been abused, belittled and mocked and in a very bad emotional state, he fought with you, called you a liar and swore at you?" "Well would you forgive him and still love him?" Yes, of course I would. "Would you sent that child to hell for one outburst or would you write it off understanding that he was not in his right mind at the time." No Lord, I would never send my children to hell. I would forgive them no matter what they did to me, I love them. "In the same way I love you and have forgiven you long ago. I will not send you to hell to pay for something you did in extreme distress, I love you too much to do that just as you would forgive your children no matter what."
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This changed my whole outlook on life and on what love means. I had tripped over the stone the Lord had laid in Zion, the one that hurts you. God's love for me is not based on the things I do to try to get into heaven, but on His having looked into my heart and seen the person I truly am. He sees just how much I love and trust him, how much I love Him and why.
I do not consider myself to be a righteous person, certainly not lovable nor even likable and yet God, the creator of the entire universe and everything and everyone therein, tells me He loves me and has plans to prosper me and not to harm me.
God obviously sees something in me worth loving, even though I don't. Well Lord, I will trust your judgement above my own, thank you.
God's love for his children is not based on our following his law and our attempts to obey but on our faith in His love for us and trust that He is faithful to us in all circumstances even though we go way off course and do things that break His heart.
God is love. Love is enduring, forgiving and the strongest force in all the universe, way stronger than fear or hatred. I love the Lord, I love my children and to be quite honest I love you.
Will you have faith that God loves you as much as you love your children, even more? Have faith in His love and trust that no matter what, His love for you will overcome even your worst situation? God's love is all you need to get through this difficult life. He really does love you.
Lord God almighty thank you for this astounding love and gentle care for all of us. May your kingdom come and may all of humanity finally realize that you are so in love with us your creation. Bless you so much Lord, Geoffrey.


  1. My son has been hurtful to me in past years. Of course, I have never stopped loving him, never will. And you know, within the past year, he seems to have come around, even admitting that he hasn't been "the best son". Praise God.

  2. Hi Joy, nice to hear from you.
    We do seem to become aware of our faults as we grow older, our immaturity when young does lead us to believe we are above reproach. There is a scripture in the book of John where a woman caught in the act of adultery is brought before him. If you remember, Jesus instructs the crowd, "May he who is faultless cast the first stone." They all left, "Beginning with the oldest." Makes you think doesn't it?
    Blessings my fine feathered American friend, Geoff.