Sunday, January 11, 2015

Midrand Presbyterian Church

Midrand Presbyterian Church
I went to church today, the first time in a very long time.
Having been in Johannesburg now for a little over a year and spending almost every day at work I've not been able to find a church I want to be a part of. Nothing wrong with the churches, more to do with a lack of time and being too exhausted to go out looking. Having been raised by my parents in the Presbyterian church, I find I tend to return again and again to the same church each time I move home, in my case many, many times through my life. I am a Presbyterian, no doubt about it. Anyway, this morning I Googled "Midrand Presbyterian Church" and found this church just a few miles from home so off I went. When I arrived I was impressed by the number of people there and their young ages, compared to the average age of congregants at one other Presbyterian church I had visited about eighteen months ago in Edenvale where everyone was quite a bit older than even me. Then I went inside. Oh Wow! Talk about going back in time. What a magnificent building.
Everything about this church just fitted right, it was like coming home at last. The service was perfect, the people were friendly and genuine, there was plenty of parking, the gardens were well maintained and so on and so forth. They have Holy communion on the first Sunday of the month so today we gave thanks to Jesus for His sacrifice with bread and grape juice. While this was happening I got an image of Jesus knowing this was the last day before He was to be murdered and the tears started welling up in my eyes. What a terrible time that must have been for Him. Anyway, there is no rock band to accompany the worship but a genuine pipe organ. Absolutely stunning.
The pipe organ
   Oh how perfect God's  timing is. A few weeks ago I would probably  have not been in the right head space to appreciate all of this.
The sermon itself (2 Timothy 3 v 1-5 & 10-17)was about the end times and how mankind was only interested in himself, pretty much how I tend to see this world we live in. Did it speak to my heart? Like bells on a church calling worshipers.
Imagine that in Midrand
There is so much more I could write about but I first want to spend a little time with these people before I gush too much so I'll leave you with some images to exemplify the building and what has been achieved here, the whole building was moved here from Pietermaritzburg about forty odd years ago. Ill write about the process once I know more.
details on the downpipe

Just look at that workmanship
Amazing stonework
cast iron grill in tiled floor
the story of the moving process
My love and God's blessings to all who read this post, Geoff.


  1. Geoff, I'm glad you found a church to attend! No matter how tired you are physically, God will re-new your spirit and bless you for going to church. Beautiful photos too of the church building. I can sense the calm and peace of that place. I haven't blog hopped in awhile, so it was nice to stop and visit yours today. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Sorry this is a belated post, but I have just become aware of your blog today.
    Welcome to MPC and I hope you had an opportunity to chat to some of the members, and hopefully decided to visit the church again since your first time, and that you may eventually come to join our family.

    rgds, Jim Campbell