Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Happy new year everyone.
2015, What will happen this year?
Well this year, I would like to get back to where I was a while ago, as far as writing blog posts is concerned. 2014 was a rather disjointed year for me. No more walks on the beach with God, no more walks up the hill on the farm and saddest of all, no more friends to sit and chat about God with.
I've been told by quite a few people who have moved vast distances from their usual homes that the first year was their most difficult to cope with, me too.
We closed up shop on the twelfth of December after having about six stores postpone their shopfitting work till this year, I was so glad. The first two days of leave I slept, that's how exhausted I was, but I'm rested now and ready to get to it again on Monday. We had been working every day for four months, seven in the morning till six at night seven days a week, phew.
My brother's wife Tracey is still undergoing radiation treatment for lymph cancer, not much change yet, we'll see in due course but apart from her fear of dying she seems to be in good spirits.
James, my son, is in London right now having returned from Washington and New York. He'll be going to visit my sister in France on his way back to Cape town.
The rains came rather lat this year, I think the first storm we had was on the tenth of November. Wow, has it rained or has it rained? This afternoon the freeways going into Johannesburg were closed due to flash flooding, who would have thunk of such a thing. Gauteng in winter is SO dry, nothing to photograph, no mushrooms, flowers, insects and so on, all my favorite subjects. The mushrooms above were photographed on the small holding, where I live in Mid Rand yesterday, hard to find and very small. In summer this place has thunderstorms every day from about three in the afternoon till about seven and then it clears up during the night with bright sunshine in the morning, very different from Cape Town where the rainy season is in winter, which I prefer.
My new home

I think for today I'm going to call it a day. It'll take a while for me to get back into blogging again but I do think that your support while I was having such a hard time in Cape Town kept me going and having a platform for my pictures certainly motivated my photography. thank you for that.
May the Lord bless and keep you all in 2015 as He has kept me and blessed me all these years.
Lots of love, Geoff.


  1. It was so refreshing to read your blog. 2015 brings many events, all of which can be handled with God's Hands.

  2. Wow, that was quick. I was just reading a previous post about some observations I'd made about scriptures in the book of Genesis.
    I agree, God's hands can and will handle everything, He says He loves us so why wouldn't he?
    Blessings Sue, may 2015 be the best year for you to date, Geoff.

  3. Glad you have returned, 'old' friend.