16 July 2014

Digital photography lessons

In my last post, that was written ages ago, I mentioned that I was taking photography lessons to improve my abilities, these pictures were taken since then. What do you think of them?
The first was taken in the garden at high speed to try and capture a bee in flight. It's winter and the Strelitzias are in bloom, not much else for the bees to feed on at the moment. Yes, I do admit it was a chance shot but I was set up for it on a tripod with an 18-200mm lens and waiting for the bee to take off.I must have taken about 50 shots to get this one. Ah, the joys of digital photography.
A few days later the red hot pokers came into bloom so all the bees migrated to the other side of the garden. Trying to get a decent shot of them with the bees buzzing around wasn't quite as easy. The wall behind the flowers was not completely painted yet so the picture has a pink background. Not one of my best shots.

One morning the class was sent off to the Nan Hua Budist Temple near Boksburg about 100 km from where I stay. We were required to be there before first light and at that time the frost was still white on the ground, brrr!
I managed to get some really lovely shots, rich in colour and shape. This shot of the entrance arch was taken just as the sun was rising. I quite like the result.
Of course things like iso settings, shutter speed and aperture all have to be learned now that I'm shooting in raw mode as opposed to auto.We did a night shoot as well as studio work, much more challenging than expected. Those pictures I'll publish on my next post.
Blessings to everyone, Geoff.

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