5 April 2014

Working with Setbuild

One month of frantic madness. 

This is a long overdue blog post. Since I've moved to Johannesburg I've been so busy, and when not working, just exhausted, writing has been rather low on my list of priorities. I haven't found a home yet, still staying at my sister's house. Time to get things worked out and sorted.
Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to, nothing exciting like flying or sailing around the world, but keeping me alive and fed. The Rise and Fall of Apartheid exhibition was built when Myles, my brother, was in hospital having his prostrate removed. His test results have since come back clear which is a huge relief. The exhibition was built on site in the Africa Museum, a very beautiful building from 1913, the old Johannesburg market. The building houses some very old and forgotten documents and artifacts, now being documented and digitized so access will be easier via the internet.
Erecting the Prasa promotional stand at Johannesburg station
This Prasa stand was fairly interesting in that it was erected in a very busy public space with thousands of train commuters passing through both morning and night. Prasa, Public Rail Authority of South Africa. It will stay up until 20 May and then be taken down. It only took two days to erect but about a week to pre-build everything. I'm fortunate to have a good crew working with me, well done chaps. Yesterday we completed two show stands for The Wedding Expo at the Coca Cola Dome in Northriding.
Paper Planes and Pipe Dreams show stand
South African people are very creative in their efforts, or so I feel. The thing that I felt very sad about is the fact that a large, probably most, number of young brides who come to this expo will, in the not too distant future, make a vow to "remain married until death do us part" which will in a short while be broken. Oh well, life goes on all the same and God will still love them despite what happens.
There were obviously lots of other stands like the cake competition and organizations offering wedding venues, flower arranging,dresses and even a Buick

 to transport couples to and from the wedding. Some of the stands were very pleasant to look at, the cakes particularly, not my style really, what can I say?
 In general, I'd say they were two pleasant days on site. It amazes me how stressed and strung out exhibitors get on the day before a show, very funny actually. With these two simple stands however, we were on time and on top of it.

    It has been said to me that 2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese calendar, well we've been at full gallop from the beginning of the year. Thank you Lord.
Some more pictures:
cake competition entries


  1. Hi Geoff!

    Those wedding cakes look fantastic. Nice to see you again and don't be discouraged...I was a bride and am now celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. Good solid marriages are still out there and I am sure that as long as there is commitment and faith wedding vows will still have a good percentage of success. Glad to see that you are keeping busy.

  2. My hubby and I are on our 20th this year.

    It was nice to see you around Geoff, glad to hear you're doing well.

  3. Geoff, Good to see what you are working on! I love to see your photos. Thanks for stopping by The Write Soil and leaving a comment. It's nice to chat through the A to Z. Take care!

  4. Love the cake photos! I'm doing a decorating course at the moment, so seeing examples is awesome for me.

    Glad to hear the Lord has blessed you with lots of work. :-)