Monday, December 09, 2013

Mandela the Statesman.

Robben eiland seen from the farm.

I never met Nelson Mandela. What little I do know about him comes predominantly from the press, not necessarily a good source. This much I will say with regards to Mandela, When he did became president of South Africa he, unlike most African leaders, passed the reigns of power over to his successor after only five years. This shows that through all his struggles his aim was not for personal wealth and power but for the reconciliation of the people of the country. This includes blacks, whites Indians and foreigners resident in the country.
Just to set the record straight, not all whites supported the National Party and what they were doing. English speaking people were hounded and victimized, jobs were withheld and life was made very difficult for them, especially people living in Natal, a former British colonial stronghold.
Nelson Mandela, you have given us an example, it's time for the current leaders of Africa to sit up and take note. Rest in peace Tata.


  1. As soon as I heard of Mandela's death, I thought you might have something to say. Good to see a post, waiting for more...

  2. The world is mourning his loss. I look forward to learning more about this man (knowing so little). He is as Martin Luther King was to us in America.